Kubang Gajah: Credit

    21 December 2014 - Tsunami+10 - Small loans help survivors make big strides toward recovery

    Lhok Me: Income

    20th December 2014 - Tsunami+10 - Tourist beach becomes business opportunity and source of conflict

    Lam Pulo: Orphans

    19 December 2014 - Tsunami+10 - Assuring orphaned children a place to live

    Tugala: Hope

    18 December 2014 - Tsunami+10 - Comprehensive response to disaster means better life in village today

    Kuala Bubon: Struggle

    17 December 2014 - Tsunami+10 - A fishing community stands up for its right to go on living by the sea

    Philippines after Ruby: "Please Help Us!"

    17 December 2014 - Coming into the municipality of Dolores you read the words: “PLEASE HELP US”...

    As Lima policy talks show low ambition global climate movement grows

    14 December 2014 -Lack of vision among countries and missed opportunities in the Lima climate talks have undermined the process towards a global agreement on climate change in 2015, international humanitarian and development organisation ACT Alliance has said.

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    • ACT calls on parties at the UN climate talks to stop gambling with our future

      ACT calls on parties at the UN climate talks to stop gambling with our future

      ACT Alliance was out in full force on 12 December, the official final day of the COP20 in Lima, urging governments to stop gambling with the future of communities struggling with the impacts of climate change, and to come to an agreement that reflects the urgent need for change on the ground.

    • 2nd ACT General Assembly (20-24 October 2014)

      2nd ACT General Assembly (20-24 October 2014)

      Following a successful 2nd General Assembly in October 2014, ACT Alliance has a new moderator, Sushant Agrawal from ACT member organisation CASA.

    • ACT Alliance marches for climate justice

      ACT Alliance marches for climate justice

      On 10 December, Human Rights Day, members of ACT Alliance joined 15 thousand people in Lima, Peru, to march for climate justice, while world leaders continued to negotiate a global climate agreement.

    • ACT's work in climate justice

      ACT's work in climate justice

      A short video in which ACT General Secretary John Nduna talks to the UN TV crew at the COP20 climate talks in Lima about ACT's work in climate justice


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