Asociación Boliviana Uniendo Manos por la Vida (Bolivian Association Uniting Hands for Life) (RED UMAVIDA)

The Bolivian Network, Joining Hands for Life, is an ecumencial network whose important characteristic is its sprituality based on the ecumenical and pluricultural character. This is the essence and the framework in which all of the actions of the network are developed. It also works in partnership with the Presbyterian Hunger Program in the USA.


A society with social justice in which women and men fully exercise their rights and duties with sustainable development in the framework of intercultural, holistic, equitable and international solidarity relations.


We are an ecumenical solidarity network of Bolivian civil society organizations who question and generate proposals which affect the structural causes of poverty, exclusion and environmental injustice.

Strategic Objectives

To strengthen the exercise of individual and collective rights of women and men in social organizations.

Contribute to sustainable development with the responsible use of natural resources which guarantee quality of life.

Promote a relationship of respect, equality, solidarity and reciprocity between countries of the north and south and between countries of the south.

Increase the effectiveness and efficiency in the network and the institutions which are part of it.

Composition of the UMAVIDA Network

The network is composed of nine institutions and churches:

Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia (IEMB) (La Paz)
Center for Social Investigation and Work in Mutidisciplinary Systems (CISTEM) (La Paz)
Bolivian Evangelical Lutheran Church (IELB) (La Paz)
Independent Presbyterian Church in Bolivia (IPIB) (La Paz)
Center for Formation of Workers (CEFOT) (El Alto-La Paz)
Service for Community Development (SEDEC AYNI) (La Paz)
Alliance for the Agroecological Promotion and Integral Services in Development (AGROECODES) (Sucre)
Center for Regional Development (CDR) (Potosi)
Center for Ecology and Andean People (CEPA) (Oruro)

We have 3 programs:

  • Environment and Water Program

From 2011 we have been promoting an environmental justice program for the communities affected by the mining contamination of the Kori Kollo operation in Oruro city. Different spaces of advocacy in regards to this have been carried out.

At the same time we promote the Water School as a space of learning exchange and formation of multipliers with the purpose of raising awareness in society about the management and use of water for this common good.

We have also carried out local investigations about the issues of water, environment and climate change in different regions of the country, beginning from the water school.

  • Social Justice and Human Rights Program

In the framework of exercising human rights we have been working with women and youth in active citizenship and leadership, in exercising both individual and collective rights.

Spaces for proposal creation and socialization of laws in favor of women and children are carried out.

Spaces for proposal creation and socialization of  laws on issues related to environment, land and water are carried out.

There are also many spaces for contextual analysis with social organizations.

  • International Relations

Under this program free trade has been promoted as an alternative which promotes economic justice, strengthening organizations of women artisans and producers.

There is an information exchange on issues of economics, politics, society, environment, climate change and justice with countries from the south and north in order to produce better proposals for change toward new alternatives of development.

The International Youth Congress is carried out in order to promote exchanges of experiences and learnings with the purpose of creating a youth movement in defense of water and the environment. New proposals of co-existence with God’s Creation are also created.

At a glance

  • Founded in January 2001
  • Based in La Paz, Bolivia, and working in the regions of Potosí, La Paz, Oruro and Chuquisaca
  • Annual Budget: USD 52,000
  • Number of staff: 3

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