Lutheran Development Service (LDS), Swaziland

Mission Statement: To empower the poor and serve the most vulnerable and needy so that they may take charge of their own development and improve the quality of their lives themselves.

Lutheran Development Service (LDS) works mainly in the South eastern Lowveld, an area perennially drought prone with endemic poverty and food insecurity.

Addressing the impact of the HIV pandemic (Swaziland has the highest infection rate in the world) and gender injustice are cross cutting issues through all our work.

LDS works at grass roots from the homestead and community upwards. Through partnership with other Organisations LDS works on raising awareness locally and nationally and takes part in joint initiatives.

As the Diaconic arm of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa Eastern Diocese LDS is an associate program of the Lutheran World Federation

At a glance

  • Formed in 1994
  • Based in Mbabane, Swaziland
  • Food Security, HIV and AIDS, Income Generation, Environment, Rights of the Marginalised in Society
  • 8 members of staff

Countries we work in

Country offices
Supports work through partners