ACT Alliance member IOCC provides vital winter relief for Syria’s children

    Freezing temperatures, heavy snow and chilling winds sweeping across Syria are putting thousands of young lives in jeopardy as displaced mothers struggle helplessly to keep their small children warm and sheltered from the harsh winter conditions.

    ACT member CASM receives alliance's 2015 climate award

    17 February 2015 - The 2015 ACT Alliance Climate Change Best Practice Award goes to Mennonite Social Action Committee (CASM) in Honduras, for its programme to reduce environmental and social vulnerability as drought led to corn and bean crop failures of 40-60% in areas.

    Geneva talks redeem Lima COP20 but tough negotiations still ahead

    13 February 2015 - In sharp contrast from the climate negotiations in Lima, Peru, last year the ADP (Ad hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Action) session in Geneva has been described by both governments and NGOs as positive, constructive, inclusive and progressive.

    Emergency assistance to refugees from the conflict in Eastern Ukraine

    ACT Alliance has issued an appeal for emergency assistance to refugees from Eastern Ukraine in Russia & Ukraine. The appeal target is US$ 332,766.

    Geneva conference should cement confidence for ambitious climate agreement

    10 February 2015 - Governments negotiating the climate agreement that will be adopted in December are meeting in Geneva this week to discuss its elements, and the start of the session has so far demonstrated good faith among the 195 countries, ACT Alliance has said.

    Will governments look beyond their national climate interests?

    09 February 2015 - This week government delegations from all over the world gather in Geneva, Switzerland. There is time for a new session of UN climate talks, and the agenda is packed.

    ACT member launches new education project in Eritrea

    27 January 2015 - ACT member Finn Church Aid has signed an official agreement with the Eritrean National Commission for Higher Education in Asmara, Eritrea, to help revitalise teacher education in the country

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    • Join the ACT NOW for Climate Justice campaign!

      Join the ACT NOW for Climate Justice campaign!

      Tell the World's Leaders: "Climate change affects everyone but especially the most poor and vulnerable people. We call on you to cut carbon emissions drastically, and to help the world’s poorest to cope with the impacts of climate change while developing in a sustainable way."

    • ACT keeps the focus on Ebola prevention work in Sierra Leone

      ACT keeps the focus on Ebola prevention work in Sierra Leone

      ACT Alliance board member Paul Valentin talks about the situation on the ground in Sierra Leone and ACT's work with affected communities

    • Floods in Malawi

      Floods in Malawi

      Francis Botha from ACT member DanChurchAid reports from the middle of Mkondezi River in Chickwawa District in Southern Malawi.

    • Floods in Malawi - ACT responds

      Floods in Malawi - ACT responds

      Watch this 1-minute video where ACT Climate Advocacy and Policy Officer Vitumbiko Chinoko, who has just returned from Malawi, speaks about the situation on the ground as communities try to recover from the devastating floods


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