The World Humanitarian Summit: putting people at the centre

    21 January 2015 - As the countdown to the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in April 2016 begins, ACT Alliance has released a report outlining the priorities for the sector

    UN Synthesis Report on post-2015 sustainable development agenda encouraging

    20 January 2015 - The UN Secretary General’s ambitious Synthesis Report on the post-2015 sustainable development agenda affirms all 17 goals in the outcome document of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development.

    Floods and heavy rains in Malawi

    19 January 2015 - With one third of the country affected by heavy rain and floods Malawian president Peter Mutharika has declared the country in a state of disaster. ACT members have responded to the call for assistance

    ACT calls on faiths to stand together for freedom of expression

    15 January 2015 - International humanitarian and development network ACT Alliance has called on people of all faiths to unite for freedom of expression as globally the world witnesses increasing onslaughts on media freedom by extremists, political parties, and some governments.

    Why 2015 will be so important for our future

    07 January 2014 - The world faces many challenges. Financial crisis, environmental crisis, poverty crisis, and not least, a climate crisis. Luckily world leaders do acknowledge that there is need for action and a number of different political processes are already ongoing, with an aim to create a better and more sustainable world.

    Kuala Tadu: Houses

    26 December 2014 - Tsunami+10 - Housing program meant survivors didn’t feel abandoned

    Lampisang: Business

    25 December 2014 - Tsunami+10 - Women turn profits from small loans into education for their children

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    • Floods in Malawi - ACT responds

      Floods in Malawi - ACT responds

      Watch this 1-minute video where ACT Climate Advocacy and Policy Officer Vitumbiko Chinoko, who has just returned from Malawi, speaks about the situation on the ground as communities try to recover from the devastating floods

    • Remembering Haiti - five years later

      Remembering Haiti - five years later

      This short video takes us back to the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti in 2010, killing over 200,000 people and displacing 1.5 million. ACT members were on the ground providing emergency assistance and continue to work with communities in Haiti today towards sustainable development.

    • ACT calls on parties at the UN climate talks to stop gambling with our future

      ACT calls on parties at the UN climate talks to stop gambling with our future

      ACT Alliance was out in full force on 12 December, the official final day of the COP20 in Lima, urging governments to stop gambling with the future of communities struggling with the impacts of climate change, and to come to an agreement that reflects the urgent need for change on the ground.

    • 2nd ACT General Assembly (20-24 October 2014)

      2nd ACT General Assembly (20-24 October 2014)

      Following a successful 2nd General Assembly in October 2014, ACT Alliance has a new moderator, Sushant Agrawal from ACT member organisation CASA.


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