Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

IPDs and Refugees from Eastern Ukraine in Russia & Ukraine

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 20/2015. Refugees and IDPs who have left the combat zones were only able to take with them a minimum amount of household items. Due to the harsh conditions of winter in Ukraine and Russia, winterization is considered as lifesaving assistance and considered one of the most important objectives of this ACT Alliance follow on response. The Hungarian InterChurchAid (HIA) and Russian Orthodox Church – Department for External Relations (ROC/DECR) will continue to respond, as follow on response to ACT appeal UKR151. They plan to focus on two sectors of response which are hygiene; and psychosocial assistance.
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Pakistan: Monsoon Flooding

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 19/2015. Monsoon rains started the third week of July 2015 and have already created chaos in parts of the country. Chitral district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Ghanche in Gilgit Baltistan are the worst affected areas. More rains are expected and the situation is likely to worsen significantly.
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Djibouti: Refugees Influx from Yemen to Djibouti

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 18/2015. The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is the only ACT member present in Djibouti. LWF is currently working in the two refugee camps in Djibouti: Ali Addeh and Hol Hol. LWF World Service is implementing Pre-Primary and Primary Education in several schools and also working with Child Rights and Child Protection within the camps. LWF in Djibouti plan to respond to meet protection needs (child protection, support to new arrivals and education in emergencies) of the refugees from Yemen after discussions and coordination with other actors in Djibouti. A Preliminary Appeal is currently being prepared. Further discussions have taken place between all actors to best assess the help needed, and the strong coordination continues.
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Ghana: Floods

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 17/2015. The main activities will include provision of food and non-food items to the most affected people, particularly female-headed households. The requested amount for intervention will be about USD 60,000 through an ACT Rapid Respond Request.
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Uganda: Congolese Refugee influx in Uganda

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 16/2015. ACT members will assist as follows: Lutheran World Federation: multi sectorial Reception centre management, Protection, WASH, NFIs, Shelter, environment, livelihood and community service; Finn church Aid: Education in Emergency; and Uganda Joint Christian Council: Peace Building.
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Colombia: Floods in Arauca

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number 15/2015. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is planning to respond in two phases: 1st phase (1-3 months) with food aid, water purifications and filters and emergency NFIs. In the 2nd phase (4-12 months) it will provide recovery of livelihoods (crops and livestock), preparation of houses, water systems. The response is focused for 8 communities in Saravena, and possibly 4 or 6 communities in Arauquita. The LWF response will target 5,000 persons. LWF will submit an ACT Appeal.
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Burundi/Tanzania/Uganda/DRC: Burundian Crisis sparks IDP and Regional Refugee Influx

ACT Alliance Alert reference Number: 14/2015. Planned activities: in Burundi, assist Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and those waiting at borders to cross into neighboring countries or those returning back home; in Tanzania, most likely water and sanitation, Core Relief items, Reception Center Management, Shelter establishment and improvement; in DRC, activities will be selected based on the results of the assessment, but most likely areas will cover food and non-food items, protection and cash distribution.
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NPL151 Update from Nepal forum on 2nd earthquake

LWF Nepal will send an assessment team to Dolakha district and the other two most affected districts, Rasuwa and Sidhupalchowk, to do rapid assessments to identify the level of damage and emergency needs, including the education sector. All members of ACT Alliance Nepal have been doing detailed needs assessments in selected Village Development Committee’s (VDCs) in eight districts identified and listed in the Preliminary Appeal, along with one additional district, Rasuwa, proposed after the release of the Preliminary ACT Appeal. Results of the assessments will be incorporated into the forthcoming full ACT Appeal.
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Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza and West Bank Post War Crises - Follow on response to PSE141 - 13/2015

The ACT Palestine forum (APF), through its members, is planning to support the most needy people in health, education, shelter and water sectors. Proposed interventions and activities include: • Continuous support to Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza through the Norwegian Church Aid (Fuel , medicine, Medical Care and Psychosocial ) • DSPR /MECC support to Gaza and West Bank (Access to Primary health care, cash grants, educational opportunities, psychosocial support) In the west Bank Area C (Sanitary Units, Fodder for livestock, water support and water cisterns for the isolated communities). • IOCC support to Gaza (Shelter for displaced, Livelihood/Food Security and agriculture support/Cash for Work and Psychosocial Support in coordination with local CBOs and Partners. • DSPR /MECC APF coordination
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Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan follow-on

ACT members (Christian Aid, ICCO, LWR and NCCP) will undertake interventions in key sectors of shelter, WASH, DRR, and early livelihood recovery and diversification, in a Typhoon Haiyan follow-on appeal.
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