Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Nepal: Earthquake Shakes Kathmandu

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 11/2015. An earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale struck west of the ancient Nepali capital of Kathmandu, Pokhara, on Saturday 25 April 2015, at 11:41am Nepal local time. It is the most powerful earthquake to hit the region in 81 years. The death toll from the quake has risen to more than 970 and is rising further. Current major needs are search and rescue teams, sniffer dogs, food, water, blankets, clothes, medical supplies, shelter and psycho-social support.
Published Apr 25, 2015. File size: 467.5 kB

Liberia: Post-Ebola Recovery

ACT Alliance Alert/Update Reference Number: 10/2015 ACT Liberia forum is planning to provide recovery assistance to surviving victims of the Ebola crisis. Single parents, orphans and other Ebola survivors need help in restarting livelihoods, water and sanitation, psychosocial services and other follow up activities outlined under ACT appeal LBR141.
Published Apr 24, 2015. File size: 331.8 kB

India: Kashmir Floods & Landslides

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 09/2015. Seven months after unprecedented flooding in 2014, Jammu and Kashmir has again been lashed by heavy and incessant rains over the past 36 hours. There have been several landslides in Kashmir and people in many areas vulnerable to floods have been evacuated to safer places. ACT member Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) is monitoring the situation. Should the situation worsen, they will make available food rations and non-food-items to the most severely affected.
Published Apr 01, 2015. File size: 257.9 kB

Brazil: Indigenous people suffer from floods in Acre State

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 08/2015. ACT Alliance members FLD and CESE have made available some resources for the affected communities from the February rains, through the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) and the Council of Mission among Indigenous Peoples (COMIN). Now with the March rains, ACT members are planning to ask support to assist the most affected and isolated indigenous communities. Planned activities include the purchase and distribution of food, water and cleaning kits.
Published Mar 31, 2015. File size: 281.9 kB

Djibouti: Influx of Refugees from Yemen due to Conflict

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 07/2015. Yemen is facing its worst crisis in many years due fighting between both government and Houthi forces. A coalition of about 10 nations headed by Saudi Arabia has stared air strikes over north-western Yemen and the capital Sana’a in support of the sitting president Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi against the Houthi forces. There are reports of civilians being affected by the fighting and the airstrikes, but also casualties including children. Many Yemenis are fleeing the country and preparatory work in neighbouring countries, Djibouti being one of them, is necessary. At this stage ACT Alliance member Lutheran World Federation (LWF), currently working in Ali Addeh and Hol Hol refugee camp in Djibouti, is preparing for an influx of refugees crossing the straight of Aden. A response system is in place. However an influx of refugees from Yemen will result in new challenges as Djibouti is already hosting refugees from mainly Somalia and only has limited capacities to manage an influx on their own, with few international partners in the country. Currently the target population of LWF is 5,000 refugees coming from Yemen, but the number is likely to grow if the conflict continues.
Published Mar 30, 2015. File size: 36.4 kB

Malawi: Floods and heavy stormy rains in Nsanje, Phalombe and Chikwawa Districts

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 06/2015. This is not a new emergency, but an Alert to ACT Alliance members of an Appeal following an RRF Disbursement. While the ACT Rapid Response Fund (RRF 02-2015) assisted many people on immediate needs such as food items, there is still a great need of assistance so that the affected people stand on their own. The ACT forum will therefore follow-up the rapid response activities with a recovery project.
Published Mar 26, 2015. File size: 419.2 kB

Vanuatu: Pacific Island Nation Devastated

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 05/2015. Members of the ACT Australia New Zealand Forum will hold their first coordination meeting at 3pm Sydney time Monday 16th March. At this stage ACT members are proposing Immediate Response (including food and NFI distribution) and Early Recovery (including water restoration and food security) activities.
Published Mar 15, 2015. File size: 342.2 kB

Cameroon: Influx of refugees from Nigeria & displaced from border areas

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 04/2015. EFLC/ACT has been in the area providing small amounts of assistance since the arrival of the Nigerian refugees and the displaced from the border areas. Currently, the EFLC is the only organization providing assistance to the refugees/displaced while they are awaiting registration and relocation to the UNHCR run camps. In Mozogo, the displaced people urgently need food (rice, corn, white beans, groundnuts etc.), clothing and blankets for protection against the bad weather (cold) and kitchen utensils as well as latrines to supplement those already built by members of the Union of Evangelical Churches with the assistance of the Anglican Church of Nigeria. In Minawao refugee camp, hygiene kits for women, soap, cooking kits, clothing and blankets to supplement what has already been provided by UNHCR, is urgently needed for the children, the sick, the disabled and elderly.
Published Feb 27, 2015. File size: 333.3 kB

Madagascar: Assistance to Flood Affected

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 03/2015. Persistent heavy rains have lashed Madagascar since 9 January causing flooding in most parts of the country. On 16 January tropical cyclone Chedza hit the south-western part of the country exacerbating the flood situation. ACT Madagascar forum members are closely monitoring the situation.
Published Jan 17, 2015. File size: 256.4 kB

Chad: Assistance to improve the resiliene and livelihood of CAR and Sudanese refugees and returnees, and host communities

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 02/2015. In the light of the protracted crisis in Chad, livelihood projects will continue to be a key component in 2015 for LWF/ACT in coordination with DKH and will target host communities. Activities will be, in partnership with UNHCR in 2015: (1) shelter, infrastructure, livelihood support and alternative energy sources (environment) for the Sudanese refugees in 7 camps; (2) livelihoods, environment, food and NFI for the CAR refugees in 5 camps; (3) vocational training programmes in 5 centers.
Published Jan 16, 2015. File size: 351.1 kB