Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

India: Drought in Maharashtra

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 11/2013. ACT India member Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) is assessing the situation in Maharashtra and plans to come with a preliminary appeal to respond to the most pressing needs of the affected population in various districts.
Published Apr 10, 2013. File size: 336.1 kB

Ghana: Severe rain storm in Northern Ghana

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 10/2013. Members in Ghana (Christian Aid, Presbyterian Relief Services and Dev., and ECLOF) are preparing a Rapid Response Request for food and non-food supplies.
Published Apr 04, 2013. File size: 325.8 kB

Pakistan: Attack on Christian colony leaves residents homeless

On March 9, 2013, more than 200 houses in Joseph Colony were attacked, looted and burned by a mob causing widespread displacement.
Published Mar 15, 2013. File size: 445.9 kB

Haiti: Assistance to affected population by Tropical Storm Isaac and Hurricane Sandy - SitRep

ACT Alliance Situation Report - HTI121 #1.
Published Mar 14, 2013. File size: 535.2 kB

South Sudan: Conflict and displacement in Jonglei

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 09/2013. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) will ask for a Rapid Response Payment to implement a solar-powered motorized system on one of the boreholes with an elevated tank and 2 or 3 water distribution points. This would ensure that safer water is pumped to the community. The RRF will take additional activities to make sure that the interventions have longer term effect over the communities.
Published Mar 07, 2013. File size: 330.9 kB

Dominican Republic: Humanitarian assistance to Isaac Storm victims - SitRep

ACT Alliance Situation Report - DOM121 #1.
Published Feb 27, 2013. File size: 426.9 kB

Malawi: Flooding in Southern Malawi (Chikhwawa and Phalombe)

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 08/2013. Following the rapid initial assessment, ELDS through the ACT Malawi forum is planning to respond to the affected population in four traditional authorities of Chikhwawa and Phalombe. ACT is planning the following interventions: provision of food, temporary shelter, blankets, chlorine/bio-filters and kitchen utensils.
Published Feb 26, 2013. File size: 416.6 kB

Madagascar: Tropical Cyclone "Haruna"

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 07/2013. ACT members in Madagascar, SAF/FJKM and Voina Mahatratra/FLM (Lutheran Church of Madagascar) have met and agreed to call for international response, hence this alert. The alert will be followed by an application to the rapid response fund. SAF/FJKM and FLM plan to provide life-saving items such as food, medicines and clothes/blankets. The response will be informed by the ongoing needs assessment.
Published Feb 21, 2013. File size: 530.0 kB

Mozambique: Floods in central and southern provinces of Mozambique

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 06/2013. The main activities to be carried out by the Mozambique Forum members will include: addressing food security, providing seeds, agriculture tools, WASH and shelter.
Published Jan 25, 2013. File size: 439.1 kB

Mali: Conflict and Displacement

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 05/2013. The Forum in Mali is planning to provide support to 50,000 internally displaced people made up of displaced families, school children and malnourished children living with host families.
Published Jan 25, 2013. File size: 356.2 kB