Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Democratic Republic of Congo: Assistance to displaced people in Walikale, North Kivu Province

ACT Alert Reference Number: 10/2012. The ACT DRC forum is preparing a Rapid Response Fund (RRF) request to the ACT Alliance to respond to the immediate water / sanitation needs of 1'250 households in Hombo-Chambucha. The RRF will be followed by longer term assistance with support from ACT Alliance members in the country.
Published Mar 07, 2012. File size: 420.0 kB

Bolivia: Floods in the Bolivian Amazon

ACT Alert Reference Number: 09/2012. ACT member the Bolivian Evangelical Lutheran Church is planning to bring assistance in potable water and rebuilding of wells. With the other ACT member UMAVIDA, scholar kits will be provided to children.
Published Mar 01, 2012. File size: 399.5 kB

Kenya: Assistance to Sudanese refugees arriving at the Kakuma refugee camp

ACT Alert Reference Number: 08/2012. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)-Kenya is preparing a Rapid Response Fund (RRF) request to meet the urgent needs of the increased number of refugees at the reception centre.
Published Feb 23, 2012. File size: 430.0 kB

Madagascar: Cyclone "Giovanna"

ACT Alert Reference Number: 07/2012. ACT member SAF-FJKM and a representative from Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH) based in Nairobi have travelled to the affected areas for assessments. The response will depend on the results of the assessments.
Published Feb 20, 2012. File size: 482.3 kB

Romania: Cold Snap and Severe Snowfall

ACT Alert Reference Number: 06/2012. ACT Alliance member AIDRom is on standby to reach the affected areas as soon as permitted to carry out an urgent need assessment and offer assistance in food parcels, water and hygiene articles.
Published Feb 14, 2012. File size: 406.3 kB

Ethiopia: Emergency Assistance to Sudanese Refugees

ACT Alert Reference Number: 04/2012. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF/DWS-ET) assessed the situation and confirmed additional needs in the WATSAN, livelihoods and environment areas, which will be addressed through an ACT appeal.
Published Feb 02, 2012. File size: 379.0 kB

Mozambique & Malawi: Flooding

ACT Alert Reference Number: 03/2012. ACT members in Mozambique plan immediate distribution of shelter materials, blankets, kitchen kits, mosquito nets, health & sanitation items. ACT members in Malawi are planning to commission a rapid assessment, then depending on the situation, a Rapid Response Funds Request may come.
Published Jan 23, 2012. File size: 424.2 kB

Chad: Towards transition and recovery: Assistance to returning and integrating IDPs, and to Refugees and Host Communities in East & South Chad

ACT Alert Reference Number: 02/2012. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), in partnership with UNHCR, is planning psychosocial support activities for the affected populations, capacity building and infrastructure for host communities, environmental activities, agricultural support and sanitation activities.
Published Jan 12, 2012. File size: 438.3 kB

South Sudan: Support to survivors of Conflict in Jonglei State

ACT Alert reference number: 01/2012. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is carrying out preliminary assessments, is taking part in joint meetings and will be part of the UN assessment mission. It is preparing to respond with 200 NFI kits.
Published Jan 06, 2012. File size: 291.5 kB

India: Cyclone Thane

ACT Alert Reference Number: 50/2011. ACT members in India are carrying out assessments and planning to respond either through an RRF application or an ACT appeal.
Published Dec 31, 2011. File size: 109.4 kB