Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Uganda: Congolese seek refuge in Uganda

ACT Alert Reference Number: 17/2012. Depending on the availability of funds and how the situation evolves, ACT Forum members in Uganda will prioritize provision of water and sanitation services, as well as clothes for the vulnerable and NFI.
Published May 24, 2012. File size: 425.2 kB

China: Torrential rains lash regions across China

ACT Alert Reference Number: 16/2012. ACT member, the Amity Foundation, is in contact with its local partners in the most seriously affected provinces. The partners are currently carrying out assessments in the affected areas, and keeping Amity informed of the situation.
Published May 15, 2012. File size: 408.0 kB

Pakistan: IDP Crisis in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

ACT Alert Reference Number: 15/2012. ACT members Church World Service-Afghanistan/Pakistan (CWS-P/A) and Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) are participating in coordination and cluster meetings. Both organizations continue to monitor the situation and are in contact with their local implementing partners.
Published May 15, 2012. File size: 407.6 kB

Brazil: Floods in Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro

ACT Alert Reference Number 14/2012. ACT member KOINONIA is assessing the situation, but first needs to be addressed are mattresses, blankets, food and drinking water.
Published Apr 13, 2012. File size: 192.1 kB

Peru: Flash Mud Floods in provinces of Lima and Huarochirí

ACT Alert Reference Number: 13/2012. ACT Peru Forum is assessing the situation and plans to support families with tools, health and drinking water.
Published Apr 11, 2012. File size: 406.4 kB

Burkina Faso: ACT response to Food Crisis

ACT Alert Reference Number: 12/2012. ACT members in Burkina Faso will jointly assess the situation and form local management committees. In the crisis phase, there will be distribution of food, CfW, supplementary feeding, then mitigation and resilience activities.
Published Apr 10, 2012. File size: 370.9 kB

Occupied Palestinian Territory: ACT members continue providing crucial health, education and livelihood support

ACT Alert Reference Number: 11/2012. ACT members continue providing assistance in health, education and livelihood to reduce the suffering of people.
Published Mar 21, 2012. File size: 430.0 kB

Democratic Republic of Congo: Assistance to displaced people in Walikale, North Kivu Province

ACT Alert Reference Number: 10/2012. The ACT DRC forum is preparing a Rapid Response Fund (RRF) request to the ACT Alliance to respond to the immediate water / sanitation needs of 1'250 households in Hombo-Chambucha. The RRF will be followed by longer term assistance with support from ACT Alliance members in the country.
Published Mar 07, 2012. File size: 420.0 kB

Bolivia: Floods in the Bolivian Amazon

ACT Alert Reference Number: 09/2012. ACT member the Bolivian Evangelical Lutheran Church is planning to bring assistance in potable water and rebuilding of wells. With the other ACT member UMAVIDA, scholar kits will be provided to children.
Published Mar 01, 2012. File size: 399.5 kB

Kenya: Assistance to Sudanese refugees arriving at the Kakuma refugee camp

ACT Alert Reference Number: 08/2012. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF)-Kenya is preparing a Rapid Response Fund (RRF) request to meet the urgent needs of the increased number of refugees at the reception centre.
Published Feb 23, 2012. File size: 430.0 kB