Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Mauritania: Food Insecurity and Malnutrition

ACT Alert Reference Number: 48/2011. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation-Mauritania plans to contribute to the emergency response, together with other national and international NGOs, coordinated by the Government of Mauritania. LWF currently provides blankets, sanitary/hygiene kits and other items, and plans to further assist with food through an ACT appeal.
Published Dec 20, 2011. File size: 417.3 kB

Tanzania: Support to survivors of Landslide in Mbeya and Arusha

ACT Alert Reference Number: 47/2011. ACT member the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) is planning to assist the survivors with food, sanitary supplies, moskito nets, and water buckets.
Published Dec 06, 2011. File size: 377.8 kB

Myanmar: Flash Floods

ACT Alert Reference Number: 45/2011. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Myanmar office, proposes an initial response with shelter assistance, but is in discussion with the other members of the ACT Myanmar Forum for a possible further response for physical and livelihood recovery.
Published Nov 02, 2011. File size: 408.0 kB

Ghana: Floods in parts of Ghana

ACT Alert Reference Number: 44/2011. ACT members in Ghana, Presbyterian Relief Services and Development and Christian Aid are planning to provide humanitarian assistance consisting of food and non-food items.
Published Nov 01, 2011. File size: 382.2 kB

Colombia: Complex Emergency: flooding in conflict areas - COL111 Revision 1

PROGRESS REPORT on the situation since the Appeal was issued on 11 April 2011. Report dated 6 October 2011.
Published Oct 31, 2011. File size: 2.0 MB

El Salvador: Floods and Landslides

ACT Alert Reference Number: 42/2011. ACT forum members in El Salvador are assessing the situation but plan to assist the affected communities.
Published Oct 17, 2011. File size: 277.0 kB

Thailand: Floods

ACT Alert Reference Number 41/2011. ACT forum members in Thailand are assessing the situation but most probably a Preliminary Appeal will follow for emergency distribution of food and non-food items.
Published Oct 17, 2011. File size: 416.4 kB

Alert - Typhoon Nesat in Philippines

On September 24, Tropical Storm Nesat entered the Philippines, triggering landslides, accidents and flooding. ACT members are assessing the situation.
Published Sep 30, 2011. File size: 112.8 kB

India Update: Earthquake in Sikkim, India

Published Sep 22, 2011. File size: 113.9 kB

Pakistan: Dengue Outbreak in Punjab Province

ACT Alert Reference Number: 37/2011. ACT member Church World Service (CWS P/A) is monitoring the situation and plans to provide prevention kits as well as awareness raising sessions in the communitites.
Published Sep 21, 2011. File size: 415.2 kB