Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Cameroon: Floods in Northern Cameroon

ACT Alert Reference Number: 39/2012. ACT member the Brethren Lutheran Church in Cameroon is planning to assist the most vulnerable by distributing emergency shelter material, food and school materials.
Published Sep 21, 2012. File size: 325.5 kB

China: Yiliang earthquake

ACT Alert Reference Number: 38/2012. ACT member Amity Foundation has already distributed 20 tons of rice to survivors, but additional needs are in food, potable water and other daily commodities. Rehabilitation and reconstruction activities are also foreseen.
Published Sep 11, 2012. File size: 253.4 kB

Dominican Republic: Tropical storm "Isaac", heavy rains

ACT Alert Reference Number: 37/2012. The ACT Forum has field teams in different regions which have established coordination with local agencies, churches, other organizations and the COE. They are also conducting the needs assessment and assessing the resources available for the response: health care in shelters, sanitation, water systems, food security.
Published Aug 31, 2012. File size: 265.9 kB

Cuba: Tropical storm "Isaac", intense rains

ACT Alert Reference Number: 36/2012. The volunteers of the Cuban Council of Churches have joined local authorities to evaluate the damages, and have begun psychosocial support. Also local resources of the CCC have been mobilized to buy barrels for water for domestic use.
Published Aug 31, 2012. File size: 503.4 kB

Pakistan: 2012 Monsoon season: flash floods and drought

ACT Alert Reference Number: 35/2012. The ACT Pakistan Forum is closely monitoring the situation and is prepared to respond with food and non-food packages, shelter kits, WASH, health and protection.
Published Aug 30, 2012. File size: 340.9 kB

Haiti: Isaac tropical storm

ACT Alert reference number: 34/2012. ACT members are assessing the damages and needs. LWF plans to assist on livelihoods and hygiene, MISSEH and SCH plan to assist in food security and sensitization on DRR, while FCA is assessing damages to schools.
Published Aug 28, 2012. File size: 206.0 kB

Myanmar: Flooding

ACT Alert Reference Number: 33/2012. Pathein-Myaung Mya Karen Baptist Association (PMA) - a partner of several of the ACT Myanmar forum members - is operational and already responding to the floods. Most of the ACT members in Myanmar are not operational themselves and thus would rely heavily on the capacity and efficiency of PMA. The relief and early recovery proposal would be submitted to ACT and individual organizations, after receipt from PMA. The components of capacity building and technical support for promoting quality and accountability standards will be included in the appeal.
Published Aug 22, 2012. File size: 347.7 kB

Philippines: Armed conflict in central Mindanao

ACT Alert Reference Number: 32/2010. ACT members in the Philippines are planning to respond to the situation caused by the armed conflict as well as to the floods, occurring simultaneously.
Published Aug 13, 2012. File size: 340.8 kB

The Philippines: Flooding

ACT Alert Reference Number: 30/2012. ACT members in the Philippines have initially responded with their own resources by distributing food packs and clothing. More resources are needed, and based on the assessment, most urgent needs are temporary shelter, food, water, sleeping materials, hygiene kits and medicines.
Published Aug 09, 2012. File size: 253.5 kB

India: Flooding in Uttarakhand

ACT Alert Reference Number: 29/2012. ACT member Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) is involved, with its partner organisations, in search and rescue in coordination with the community and government officials. Preliminary damage assessments have been carried out, and a Rapid Response Fund payment may be requested to provide cooked food, non-food-kits and WASH facilities.
Published Aug 06, 2012. File size: 335.6 kB