Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Ukraine: IDP situation in Ukraine requires urgent response

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 44/2014. ACT members Hungarian Interchurch Aid and Russian Orthodox Church plan to provide relief assistance to IDPs with basic food and NFI, as well as assisting with heating of houses where IDPs are placed.
Published Dec 09, 2014. File size: 339.3 kB

Jordan, Syria, Lebanon: ACT Alliance Syria Humanitarian Response

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 43/2014. ACT members in the region coordinate the humanitarian response in the ACT Jordan/Syria/Lebanon (JSL) Forum. Members have carried out their own detailed needs assessments and work in various sectors, which include but are not limited of food, NFI, winterization programmes, psychosocial support, education, shelter, and health. It is anticipated that the full appeal will be released on 19th December 2014.
Published Dec 08, 2014. File size: 357.2 kB

Philippines: Super Typhoon Hagupit threatens Philippines

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 42/2014. ACT members in the Philippines, DKH along with NCCP attended the initial UN OCHA briefing in Tacloban and will continue to attend such meetings. Other ACT members in Manila will ensure participation in meetings called in Manila. Norwegian Church Aid is currently preparing to release pre-stocked WASH equipment and ready to call in personnel should the need arise. Depending on how the situation develops, an ACT Appeal will be forthcoming. More reliable information will be available tomorrow, 5 December.
Published Dec 04, 2014. File size: 406.8 kB

Kenya: Floods at Kakuma Refugee Camp

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 41/2014. ACT members LWF and NCCK are responding to flooding in the Kakuma refugee camp after heavy rains. Planned activities include Water trucking to provide safe potable water to refugees, Restoring the damaged water distribution system, construction of shelter to replace the damaged ones and Rehabilitation of key access roads.
Published Oct 23, 2014. File size: 368.1 kB

India: Cyclone Hudhud devastates Odisha & Andhra Pradesh

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 40/2014. The ACT Alliance India Forum members (LWSIT, CASA & UELCI) are closely watching the situations. All three ACT Alliance members have a strong presence in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh states. The field staff of the ACT members helped the rescue teams to motivate people to evacuate and go to higher places. There are about 6000 people taking shelter in 12 cyclone centres- cum- schools constructed by LWSIT in Ganjam Dist, Odisha. The ACT India Forum members (LWSIT, CASA, UELCI) field staff are taking stock of the situation and after conducting a rapid field assessment in the next three days may issue either RRF or Preliminary appeal for ACT Alliance support.
Published Oct 13, 2014. File size: 262.7 kB

Malawi: Food security situation

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 38/2014. A delayed start of the agriculture season and prolonged dry spells in some parts of the country ranging from 2 to 4 weeks in the 2013/14 growing season has caused food insecurity to a total of 640,009 people across the nation, requiring about 15, 830 MT of maize equivalent to address the food shortage. The Malawi Forum is planning to respond to the crisis by issuing an ACT appeal. CARD, ELDS and BSHDC will be the ACT requesting members.
Published Oct 01, 2014. File size: 369.5 kB

Bolivia: Post flood related diseases and food insecurity

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number 37/2014. The ACT Forum is planning to respond in the Municipalities of Rurrenabaque and Yucumo in the Beni Department, and in the Municipalities of Puerto Villarroel and Entre Rios in the Cochabamba Department, where IEMB has a presence, focusing on health, household rehabilitation, water systems restoration and resilient soil management.
Published Sep 24, 2014. File size: 370.2 kB

Ethiopia: Flooding in South Sudanese refugee camp, Leitchour

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 39/2014. ACT Ethiopia Forum members continue their activities under the current appeal EHT141, but due to the torrential rain, the activities will be adjusted and a fuller picture of additional ACT member activities will be described in the forthcoming revised appeal. Key life-saving activities include distribution of non-food items, watsan, and support to host communities.
Published Sep 12, 2014. File size: 384.5 kB

India: Kashmir faces devastating floods and landslides

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 37/2014. ACT India Forum member, CASA, has sent out its team to make a preliminary assessment of the situation and also started making arrangements to provide the necessary relief support to the affected communities in Kashmir. Given the extensive devastation a long-term relief, recovery and rehabilitation is foreseen. As immediate relief, food rations and NFIs have been given to the affected families.
Published Sep 08, 2014. File size: 260.4 kB

ACT Alliance Alert: Monsoon Rains across Pakistan in 2014

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 36/2014. Heavy rainfall claimed the lives of 74 people and injured over 90 others in Punjab, Kashmir, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The ACT Pakistan Forum is closely monitoring the situation and is in contact with its partners and staff in the field for initial assessments. The ACT Pakistan Forum has also finalized its joint contingency plan for the monsoon season and is ready to respond whenever required.
Published Sep 08, 2014. File size: 376.8 kB