Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Nepal: Torrential rains submerge Southern Plain of Nepal

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 31/2012. ACT Alliance Nepal forum members are assessing the situation in the affected districts to assist the severely affected and vulnerable families with life-saving relief items and recovery programmes. They are working on a Preliminary Appeal for basic and supplementary food rations, non-food items, emergency WASH, emergency shelter and other daily life necessities.
Published Aug 21, 2014. File size: 370.5 kB

Romania: Severe flooding in Southern & South-Western Romania

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 30/2014. ACT member AIDRom Emergency Unit is currently in the affected areas carrying a damage survey and needs assessment, as well as distributing, according to the necessities: water pumps for well cleaning, power generators, drinking water storage tanks and home dehumidifying equipment from its technical resource. Greatest needs at these moments are the non-perishable food parcels and drinking water followed by hygiene items and clothing to be distributed among the displaced and those returning home after withdrawal of the waters.
Published Aug 13, 2014. File size: 484.8 kB

India: Torrential rains lash Odisha

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 29/2014. ACT India forum members – Lutheran World Service India Trust (LWSIT), Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) and the United Evangelical Church in India (UELCI) are assessing the situation very closely along with their national networks like Odisha Inter Agency Group and Sphere India. The immediate emergency needs among flood affected families include dry food, dry rations, non-food items, temporary shelter materials, clothing among all sections and other daily necessities of life. The long term rehabilitation and reconstruction includes support for house construction, livelihood restoration, WASH and disaster risk reduction measures.
Published Aug 08, 2014. File size: 260.0 kB

India: Bihar faces flooding after Nepal landslide

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 28/2014. ACT India Forum members are assessing the situation. Should the situation so demand, an RRF or preliminary appeal will be prepared through co-ordinated efforts. The immediate needs among flood affected families are: dry rations, non-food items, temporary shelter materials and clothing.
Published Aug 04, 2014. File size: 258.0 kB

Nepal: Massive landslide in Sunkoshi river

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 27/2014. The ACT Nepal Forum is part of the assessment being conducted, and the Forum members plan to assist the severely affected and vulnerable families with life saving relief and recovery support.
Published Aug 04, 2014. File size: 546.5 kB

China: Earthquake in Ludian County

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 26/2014. ACT member Amity Foundation is still assessing the situation, but a first batch of relief materials (10,000 bottles of drinking water, 5,000 kilos of rice and 600 bottles of cooking oil) are on the way to Ludian County. An appeal is being planned to assist people with the most limited resources in the affected areas.
Published Aug 04, 2014. File size: 258.8 kB

Kenya: Joint response to support survivors of attacks in Lamu

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 25/2014. The ACT Kenya Forum plans on supporting survivors of successive attacks by militant groups in Lamu County, with a three-level approach: emergency response at local level, advocacy at national level and peace building and reconciliation at regional level.
Published Jul 30, 2014. File size: 381.5 kB

Cameroon: Life-saving relief to CAR refugees

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 24/2014. ACT members are planning to respond to the massive outflow of CAR refugees into Cameroon by providing them with life-saving relief, in collaboration with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is preparing a Preliminary Appeal which will be issued early August.
Published Jul 24, 2014. File size: 320.4 kB

RRF 23-2014 Mass deportation of children to Honduras

The on-going phenomenon of migration of children to the United States and subsequent mass deportation to Honduras that is expected in the coming days has caused a humanitarian emergency sitatuion. Comisión de Acción Social Menonita (CASM) plans to provide drinkable water and personal hygiene and basic medicines kits. The target population will be 1,000 boys and girls in San Pedro Sula. CASM will be responding through ACT Rapid Respond Fund.
Published Jul 18, 2014. File size: 366.4 kB

Occupied Palestinian Territory: A deteriorating crisis - Gaza and the West Bank

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 22/2014. Further to the 7th July operation, ACT Palestine Forum is meeting regularly to build a coordinated response with all members and their local partners. The current ACT appeal for Palestine PSE141 will be revised due to current and recent updated situation, especially in the Gaza Strip. Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) will join the ACT appeal as additional requesting member to support the Al Ahli Arab Hospital.
Published Jul 11, 2014. File size: 277.2 kB