Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Philippines: Super Typhoon Haiyan to make landfall in Philippines

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number 45/2013. ACT Alliance Forum Philippines have alerted their partners to warn the communities and take precautionary actions. The ACT Forum is planning to provide drinking water, sleeping materials, hygiene kits and medicines.
Published Nov 08, 2013. File size: 413.1 kB

Philippines: 7.2 Earthquake shakes central Philippines

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 44/2013. ACT Alliance Forum Philippines members are planning to conduct a co-ordinated damage analysis and needs assessment for possible relief activities in the affected areas. Based on the results of the assessment, the ACT Forum will convene to work on possible relief and recovery activities including food, non-food (mats and blankets) and water.
Published Oct 17, 2013. File size: 407.9 kB

India: Cyclone Phailin made landfall in Odisha with wind speeds of around 200 kmph

ACT Alliance Alert Update Reference Nr. 43/2013. ACT member Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) foresees an immediate intervention in the form of distribution of cooked food, ready to eat commodities, drinking water and essential non-food items, and ACT member Lutheran World Service India Trust (LWSIT) has prepositioned 2,530 HDPE tarpaulin sheets to be distributed to the worst affected families.
Published Oct 14, 2013. File size: 341.2 kB

Cambodia: Floods

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 42/2013. ACT Alliance members Church World Service (CWS), Life with Dignity (LWD), DanChurch Aid (DCA) and Christian Aid (CA) along with partners are participating in or have already participated in joint assessments in affected provinces. Planned response will be WASH support, sanitation and hygiene kits, food items and shelter.
Published Oct 11, 2013. File size: 342.3 kB

India: Cyclone Phailin - heavy rains lash Andhra Pradesh

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 41/2013. ACT India member Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) is closely observing the situation. If the situation demands, CASA will start its immediate relief operations and will also approach ACT Alliance for resources mobilization. Right now there is availability of 2,130 relief kits and 2,763 tarpaulins at CASA’s warehouse for relief support.
Published Oct 11, 2013. File size: 418.5 kB

South Sudan: Emergency Preparedness and Response

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 40/2013. ACT members in South Sudan will conduct humanitarian assessments in coordination with other NGOs and UN agencies and provide support with: non food items, water/sanitation/hygiene, education, mine risk education and landmine clearance, peace building and psychosocial support.
Published Oct 09, 2013. File size: 407.9 kB

El Salvador: Landslides

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 39/2013. El Salvador ACT Forum is doing an assessment to respond through the ACT Alliance Rapid Response Fund. The forum is planning to coordinate with National Civil Protection, the immediate evacuation of the families in high risk and establishing early warning systems to identify the threats of imminent landslides.
Published Oct 01, 2013. File size: 408.0 kB

Romania: Floods in South-East Romania

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 38/2013. ACT member AIDRom Emergency Unit is carrying out an initial assessments and is ready to deploy within the next days a team to the most affected counties of Galati, Braila and Tulcea. The aim is to carry out a more detailed assessment and to distribute basic items to prevent further suffering. The greatest needs at these moments are the non perishable food parcels and drinking water followed by hygiene items and clothing.
Published Sep 18, 2013. File size: 411.0 kB

Laos PDR: Landslide and flash flood in Udomxay Province

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 37/2013. Based on the needs of the affected people, ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) wants to assist them for food/non food items, WASH and temporary shelter for immediate relief. Since the affected population needs life saving one time support, LWF will come up with a Rapid Response Fund request. The other ACT member working in Laos is Norwegian Church Aid.
Published Sep 17, 2013. File size: 406.1 kB

Ethiopia: Emergency Response to flash flood survivors in Oromia Zone of Amhara Region

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 36/2013. ACT members plan to respond with urgent repair of water points, and Education Materials to 516 school children. Rapid Response Funds are being requested.
Published Sep 10, 2013. File size: 404.8 kB