Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Indonesia: Earthquake

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 24/2013. ACT Indonesia Forum members are doing a joint assessment of the situation and are in contact with the Humanitarian Forum Indonesia and UN OCHA in order to identify further response strategies. YAKKUM Emergency Unit is deploying an Emergency Response Team (ERT), to deliver relief items i.e family hygiene kits and blankets, psychosocial support, barrack management and DRR design. It is also planning mobile health services for the initial response together with medical personnel from ACT member Pelkesi.
Published Jul 09, 2013. File size: 408.7 kB

Nepal: Floods and Landslides

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 23/2013. ACT members DanChurchAid and the Lutheran World Federation are assessing the situation in the affected districts and closely following developments. Should the situation be further aggravated, ACT Nepal Forum members plan to assist the most severely affected and vulnerable families with life saving relief items such as food and non-food items, hygiene and emergency shelter followed by recovery initiatives such as transitional shelter and income generation activities.
Published Jun 27, 2013. File size: 403.5 kB

India: Floods and Cloud Burst in North India

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 22/2013. ACT members in India are still assessing the situation, but immediate needs are food, blankets, clothes, temporary shelter and medicines.
Published Jun 18, 2013. File size: 402.1 kB

Kenya (Kakuma refugee camp)

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 21/2013. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation is planning to urgently move the 550 registered refugees from the crowded reception area to the approved transit area and provide latrines, water, shelter, child-friendly space and ensure safety and security.
Published Jun 17, 2013. File size: 447.3 kB

Namibia & Angola: Severe drought

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 20/2013. Planned activities: in Namibia - food distributions, income generating activities and psycho social support to the most vulnerable; in Angola - emergency water and food distribution, and community emergency preparedness.
Published Jun 10, 2013. File size: 501.0 kB

Central African Republic (CAR): Assistance required to support and protect vulnerable people in CAR

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 19/2013. ACT Alliance members The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), Finn Church Aid (FCA), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in CAR, and with support from other ACT Alliance members are planning a response from Bangui and Bour to support and accompany church structures inside CAR to respond to this acute humanitarian situation.
Published May 23, 2013. File size: 407.9 kB

Uganda: Assistance required to support and protect vulnerable refugees from the Congo (DRC)

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 18/2013. Upon consultations with the OPM and the UNHCR, LWF/ACT forum plans to support the general refugee population, the marginalized persons and those with special needs through livelihoods/environmental protection, SGBV/protection and other community services.
Published May 15, 2013. File size: 359.9 kB

Myanmar: Tropical Cyclone Mahasen

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 17/2013. ACT Forum members have agreed to assign the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) to monitor the situation and report on the needed response. Should the cyclone hit, ACT Forum Myanmar members would decide whether to go for an RRF or preliminary appeal, depending upon the scale of the disaster.
Published May 13, 2013. File size: 401.5 kB

Pakistan: IDFP influx from Tirah Valeey/Khyber Agency

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 16/2013. ACT Pakistan forum members, as per assessments carried out, will provide food and non-food items, health, water and sanitation.
Published May 10, 2013. File size: 333.8 kB

Uganda: Flash floods in Kasese District

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 14/2013. The ACT Uganda Forum members will respond with food and non-food items to affected population, targeting the most vulnerable. A Rapid Response request is being prepared.
Published May 08, 2013. File size: 405.5 kB