Alerts on emergencies, describing situations on the ground. Alerts are issued prior to an ACT Appeal from members.

Nicaragua: Tropical Wave 12 flooded the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 32/2013. ACT members are currently assessing the situation and coordination has been established with municipalities, governmental bodies, UN organizations and NGOs in the region. Based on outcomes, a Rapid Response Request or an Appeal will be submitted in the coming days.
Published Aug 12, 2013. File size: 333.3 kB

Colombia: Humanitarian crisis for military aggression against peasants in Catatumbo

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 31/2013. ACT Colombia forum is planning to assist with protection activities and accompaniment to support a negotiated durable solution for this conflict, with involvement of church leaders. It is planning to meet the urgent needs of food and medicines assistance. They are already engaged in a local fundraising campaign. If is not possible to raise enough funds locally, an RRF request will be forthcoming.
Published Aug 09, 2013. File size: 405.9 kB

Pakistan: Monsoon rains cause death and damages

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 30/2013. ACT members are currently monitoring and assessing the situation and needs. No specific activities have been indicated as yet, except starting to mobilize relief items from their warehouses.
Published Aug 06, 2013. File size: 406.7 kB

China: Earthquake in Gansu Province

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number 28/2013. On 22 July 2013 a series of earthquakes hit Min County and Zhang County in Gansu Province. According to official figures over 580,000 people have been affected. The areas severely hit are the poorest in China. ACT member, Amity Foundation reports that people are in most need of tents, food, sleeping materials and other non-food items. Also, taking into consideration the damage caused in the extremely poor area, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities are foreseen.
Published Jul 25, 2013. File size: 409.4 kB

India: Andhra Pradesh

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number 27/2013. Incessant rains continue to lash northern Andhra Pradesh causing rivers to overflow inundating low-lying areas. Currently more than 300 villages in Bhadrachalam and Palvancha divisions are still inundated and more than 20,000 people have been evaccuated to 100 relief camps set up by state authorities.
Published Jul 24, 2013. File size: 409.5 kB

Nepal: Floods

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number 26/2013. Continuous rainfall since 18 July 2013 has resulted in extensive flooding in Dhangadhi Municipality and Kailali and Kanchanpur districts. The rainfall and resulting floods are the worst in 30 years, damaging infrastructure, and seriously disrupting or destroying the livelihoods of the poorest and most oppressed people such as the ex-kamaiya (freed bonded labourers).
Published Jul 22, 2013. File size: 333.3 kB

Uganda: Refugees from DRC

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number 25/2013. Thousands enter Uganda seeking refuge from fresh fighting in the DRC. ACT Alliance is revising the current appeal UGA132 to meet the needs of the new and existing refugees.
Published Jul 17, 2013. File size: 369.7 kB

Indonesia: Earthquake

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 24/2013. ACT Indonesia Forum members are doing a joint assessment of the situation and are in contact with the Humanitarian Forum Indonesia and UN OCHA in order to identify further response strategies. YAKKUM Emergency Unit is deploying an Emergency Response Team (ERT), to deliver relief items i.e family hygiene kits and blankets, psychosocial support, barrack management and DRR design. It is also planning mobile health services for the initial response together with medical personnel from ACT member Pelkesi.
Published Jul 09, 2013. File size: 408.7 kB

Nepal: Floods and Landslides

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 23/2013. ACT members DanChurchAid and the Lutheran World Federation are assessing the situation in the affected districts and closely following developments. Should the situation be further aggravated, ACT Nepal Forum members plan to assist the most severely affected and vulnerable families with life saving relief items such as food and non-food items, hygiene and emergency shelter followed by recovery initiatives such as transitional shelter and income generation activities.
Published Jun 27, 2013. File size: 403.5 kB

India: Floods and Cloud Burst in North India

ACT Alliance Alert Reference Number: 22/2013. ACT members in India are still assessing the situation, but immediate needs are food, blankets, clothes, temporary shelter and medicines.
Published Jun 18, 2013. File size: 402.1 kB