This area includes all open Appeals and Rapid Response Fund payments.

Uganda: Congolese Refugee Influx in Uganda – UGA152

Appeal Target: US$ 462,136. ACT members in Uganda, LWF, FCA, UJCC, are responding to the needs of Congolese refugees by improving living conditions in the refugee center, by enabling access to justice and protection, by enhancing environmental friendly practices and livelihoods, and by providing refugees’ children access to primary education in safe learning spaces.
Published Jul 30, 2015. File size: 1.2 MB

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Post War Crises Follow on Response - PSE151

Appeal Target - USD 2,015,704 Requesting ACT members, MECC/DSPR, IOCC & NCA, are responding to the needs of the affected people focusing on improving access to health and medical care services, mental health and psycho-social support, improving the nutrition status of malnourished and underweight children, supporting young people with vocational skills training, cash for work, protection, shelter and food security.
Published Jul 23, 2015. File size: 1.1 MB

Liberia: Post-Ebola Recovery Program - LBR151

Appeal Target: US$2,639,966. Originally published 12 June 2015. Now reissued. ACT Forum members in Liberia are planning following activities: Livelihood improvements to beneficiaries; Provision of psychosocial support; provision of water, sanitation and hygiene services; Provision of educational and medical support to orphans and children; Provision of follow up on activities implementation under LBR141.
Published Jul 21, 2015. File size: 884.7 kB

Colombia: Arauca Floods - COL151

Appeal Target: US$ 310,001. For this emergency response, ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is using this Appeal as an effort to have a single plan to provide assistance to the affected population with funds from ACT members and complementary funds from ECHO and OCHA up to 576,880 USD. The appeal will cover primary humanitarian needs of the floods affected population in rural zones of Saravena and Arauquita municipalities and improve the local capacities in disaster risk reduction.
Published Jul 09, 2015. File size: 777.2 kB

Democratic Republic of Congo: Response to Burundian refugee influx - COD151

Appeal Target: US$ 749,025. ACT DRC Forum members will provide assistance to refugees and host communities in the WASH, Protection, NFIs, Early Recovery and Livelihood Restoration and Education sectors.
Published Jul 09, 2015. File size: 1.2 MB

Djibouti: Refugees Influx from Yemen - DJI151

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 258,740. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) will assist the incoming refugees with specific needs, protection of children and youth, and education possibilities.
Published Jun 23, 2015. File size: 555.3 kB

Tanzania: Response to Burundian Refugee influx in Tanzania - TZA151

Appeal Target: US$ 1,871,208. ACT members plan to provide humanitarian life-saving assistance in the forms of water supply, sanitation, hygiene, protection, shelter, non-food items and psychosocial support to Burundian refugees in Nyarugusu and other refugee camps in Western Tanzania.
Published Jun 19, 2015. File size: 807.6 kB

Nepal: Earthquake Response - NPL151

Appeal Target: US$ 14,750,709. ACT members are providing assistance in the areas of shelter, WASH, psychosocial support, food security, livelihood recovery, socio-economic infrastructure, non-food items, and education. This full appeal replaces the preliminary appeal issued on 1 May 2015, now removed from our web site.
Published Jun 02, 2015. File size: 1.6 MB

Ethiopia: Assistance to asylum seekers and refugees from South Sudan, REVISION 2 - ETH141

Appeal Target: US$ 3,639,453. This revision is issued for extended and revised activities of ACT member The Lutheran World Federation (LWF), and for extended (but not revised) activities of ACT members IOCC and EOC-DICAC/RRAD. This Revision 2 replaces the revision 1 issued on 21st October 2014, now removed from this site.
Published May 22, 2015. File size: 2.6 MB

Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan - Rehabilitation - PHL151

Appeal Target: US$ 10,320,781. With the immediate relief effort now transitioning into recovery, four members of the ACT Alliance: Christian Aid, ICCO, Lutheran World Relief (LWR) and the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) are requesting a follow-on appeal to build on their critical work in the most affected provinces of Cebu, Samar, Leyte and Panay and Palawan. They will continue the following projects amongst others: shelter (more resilient homes), community based psychosocial support (CBPS); WASH; disaster risk reduction (DRR); livelihood restoration and training including diversification of agricultural and non-agricultural income; protection; natural resource management, emergency preparedness along with quality and accountability.
Published May 21, 2015. File size: 1.7 MB