This area includes all open Appeals and Rapid Response Fund payments.

India: Jammu Kashmir floods and landslides - IND141

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 1,309,128. ACT members Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) and Lutheran World Service Trust India (LWSIT) plan to provide cooked food and dry ration, non food items, water purification tablets and hygiene kit, and assistance to restart livelihood activities.
Published Sep 10, 2014. File size: 1.3 MB

Bangladesh: Relief assistance to flood affected - RRF No. 13/2014

Rapid Response Fund Payment Request for US$ 58,228. ACT member Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB) is planning to assist 4,200 families with food and non-food items, so that they are able to address their immediate food crises and have minimum normalcy during the period of displacement.
Published Sep 10, 2014. File size: 510.3 kB

Pakisan: 2014 Floods - Assistance to the rain and flood-affected families in Azad Kashmir, Punjab and Sindh - PAK141

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 1,550,584. ACT member Church World Service Afghanistan/Pakistan is planning to assist the affected communities in Azad Kashmir by providing immediate and lifesaving assistance to 6,400 flood affected families addressing their immediate needs of food, NFI, Shelter and Health.
Published Sep 09, 2014. File size: 897.1 kB

Nepal: Emergency response and early recovery support to flood and landslide affected households in Western Nepal - NPL141

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 420,607. ACT members in Nepal are planning to: provide lifesaving assistance and psychosocial support to the severely affected and displaced households in targeted areas by providing food, non-food items and psychosocial counselling; restore agriculture and non-agriculture means of livelihood through on and off farm support; rehabilitate WASH, shelter and critical lifelines facilities through food for work or cash and voucher transfer; restore education facilities promoting education in emergency (EiE) approach.
Published Aug 29, 2014. File size: 779.0 kB

Syria (including neighbouring countries Jordan & Lebanon): ACT Alliance Syria Regional Humanitarian Response, REVISION 1 - SYR131

Appeal Target: US$ 12,218,942. ACT members in the region are working in various sectors (including health, food and NFI, shelter, education and others) to contribute towards a regional stability and alleviate the consequences of the Syrian humanitarian crisis in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. This revised appeal now replaces the full appeal issued on 2 September 2013, now removed from our site.
Published Aug 26, 2014. File size: 2.4 MB

Cameroon: Life-saving relief to CAR refugees in Cameroon - CMR141

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 753,771. ACT members in Cameroon aim at alleviating suffering through immediate provision of life saving relief aid to refugees and livelihood support to CAR refugees and host communities in Cameroon.
Published Aug 22, 2014. File size: 829.1 kB

Kenya: ACT response to support survivors of conflict in Lamu County - KEN142

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 700,455. ACT Kenya Forum members are planning support and activities in the area of Food, NFI’s, WASH, Psychosocial, Peace-building and Advocacy.
Published Aug 21, 2014. File size: 1.0 MB

Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan Response, REVISION 2 - PHL131

Appeal Target: US$ 25,114,557. This is the CORRECTED Revision 2 due to an increase in the ICCO budget. The revised ICCO response is focussing on food security and nutrition, NFIs, shelter, livelihood, DDR and capacity building. This replaces the Revision 1 document, now removed from our site.
Published Aug 19, 2014. File size: 2.7 MB

Romania: Relief support to people affected by flooding in Southern & South Western Romania - RRF No. 12/2014

Rapid Response Fund Payment for US$ 47,473. ACT member AIDRom is aiming at alleviating the suffering of the affected people and mitigating the effects of flooding on the small rural communities through distribution of food parcels, mineral water, personal hygiene and clothing parcels.
Published Aug 15, 2014. File size: 656.2 kB

China: Response to Ludian Earthquake - CHN141

Appeal Target: US$ 681,473. ACT member Amity Foundation is planning to provide assistance to the affected families in the area with food, shelter, house rehabilitation, water and psychosocial support.
Published Aug 14, 2014. File size: 726.4 kB