This area includes all open Appeals and Rapid Response Fund payments.

Chad: Assistance to improve resilience & livelihood of CAR & Sudanese refugees, returnees & host communities - TCD151

Appeal Target: US$ 798,628. The returnees and new refugee arrivals have put additional burdens on the host communities, who are already affected by the degradation of the environment caused by deforestation, over-exploitation of groundwater and pressure on scarce natural resources. The refugees and returnees situation in a context of extreme fragility and curtailed international support warrant Chad to be categorized as a forgotten crisis with continued potential for deterioration. LWF/ACT is continuing to respond to this humanitarian crisis in Chad, through its partnership with UNHCR which has committed and signed 2 agreements of US$ 5,899,622, providing that LWF/ACT can contribute complementary funds of US$ 798,628. This will enable a total LWF/ACT response of more than US$6.6 million.
Published Feb 24, 2015. File size: 1.0 MB

Jordan, Syria, Lebanon: ACT Alliance Syria Humanitarian Response - SYR151

Appeal Target: US$ 7,257,982. Members of the ACT Jordan, Syria and Lebanon (JSL) forum aim at reducing the vulnerability and easing the burden of people who are affected by the Syrian conflict in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. Priority needs: food, non-food items, WASH, health, education, shelter, rental support.
Published Jan 28, 2015. File size: 1.8 MB

Global: Rapid Response Fund 2015 - GRRF15

Appeal Target: US$ 1,200,000. The Rapid Response Fund (RRF) is a global fund of the ACT Alliance administered by the ACT secretariat. The Rapid Support Team (RST) is a team of persons who can be rapidly deployed to an emergency location to assist ACT members in an emergency response. Funds for the RRF and RST are provided by ACT Alliance members and non-members on the basis of an annual appeal. The purpose of the RRF is to provide one-time financial resources to a member or members of the ACT Alliance, normally in the first days following a small-scale emergency, to facilitate the member(s)’ immediate small-scale emergency response in saving lives, over a time period not to exceed three months. The response will be gender-sensitive. The emergency could be of a rapid onset nature (e.g., earthquake or flood) or of a complex humanitarian character (e.g., refugee or internal displacement situation, resulting from breakdown of social, political and economic systems). On an exceptional basis, RRF funding can be requested to respond to a slow-onset emergency.
Published Jan 19, 2015. File size: 465.7 kB

Central African Republic: Assistance to support and protect war-affected vulnerable communities - CAF151

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 2,221,414. ACT members in CAR, LWF and FCA, are planning to provide services to the internally displaced people in form of protection and education projects.
Published Jan 08, 2015. File size: 866.1 kB

Malawi: Response to 2014/2015 Agricultural season Dry Spells - MWI141

Appeal Target: US$ 131,426.93. The ACT Malawi Forum members aim at ensuring that the families affected by the drought in the 2013/2014 agricultural season have access to food during the lean season (November to March) and attain quick recovery for a sustained well-being. Activities will include food for work to 500 households, provision of quality farm inputs and small scale irrigation inputs, and promote Community Based Psychosocial support among affected members by age and gender categories. This full appeal replaces the preliminary appeal issued on 6 November 2014, now removed from our site.
Published Dec 17, 2014. File size: 709.1 kB

Global: ACT Appeal for Security Support in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America - GSE151

Appeal Target: US$ 55,000. The ACT Safety & Security Community of Practice (SSCP) has been supporting the safety and security needs of the ACT Alliance since it was first formed in 2007. Made up of security specialists with humanitarian and development expertise, it has delivered safety and security training to over 50 ACT organisations and 1000 ACT member staff and partners, as well as UN bodies and major NGOs such as Save the Children, Oxfam, CARE and World Vision. We have deployed the ACT Security Coordinator to respond to major humanitarian disasters across the world, such as South Sudan (2014), Syria (2013) and Mali (2012). ACT staff operates in increasingly complex, unpredictable and risky environments. It is the role of the SSCP to find new tools and resources to ensure our staff and members stay safe. In 2015, the following programmes will be developed: the Regional Security Focal Point Programme and the Gender Security Project.
Published Dec 16, 2014. File size: 550.1 kB

Sudan: ACT - CARITAS Darfur Programme 2015: SDN151 - EA36/2014

Appeal Target: US$ 6,835,398 / € 5,257,998. The 2015 Darfur Programme (DP) Appeal is the 12th annual appeal since the start of the collaboration between Caritas Internationalis (CI) and ACT Alliance (ACT) in 2004. Over these years the DP has been effectively responding to the humanitarian crisis that has crippled the Darfur region, leaving majority of the population living in poverty, many stripped of their homes and livelihoods assets. Today it is estimated by United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) the conflict, which has continued changing in nature and complexity, has now resulted in there being approximately 2,5 million are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and 4,4 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in the region (OCHA, 31st Oct 2014). This is the highest number of IDPs since the 2004, and the pressure on existing camps and basic service facilities is immense. The following areas are of key importance in 2015: continue strengthening partner capacity, reduce geographical scope of the programme, focus sectoral interventions, promote greater synergy, and a structural review.
Published Dec 15, 2014. File size: 5.6 MB

Pakistan: Assistance to flood affected in Azad Jammu, Kashmir & Punjab - PAK141, REVISION 1

Appeal Target: US$ 2,704,873. ACT Members Church World Service – Pakistan/Afghanistan (CWS) and Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), have been responding to the humanitarian needs of the affected population from the early days of the disaster. The appeal has been revised to include the revised programme of NCA and replaces the full appeal issued on 2 October 2014, now removed from our site.
Published Nov 26, 2014. File size: 1.7 MB

El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua: Central America drought response - CAM141

Appeal Target: US$ 1,396,955. Members in the 3 countries will ensure that families affected by the crisis have access to food and water in the critical period of shortage, and are able to recover from the drought. These will be 3,450 of the most-affected families in Central America: 900 in Honduras, 750 in El Salvador and 1,800 in Nicaragua. This full appeal replaces the preliminary appeal issued on 6th October 2014, now removed from our site.
Published Oct 31, 2014. File size: 1005.4 kB

Cameroon: Life-saving relief to CAR refugees in Cameroon - CMR141

Appeal Target: US$ 625,188. ACT member LWF aims at empowering and creating risk resilient refugees and host communities, able to effectively manage their affairs and accommodate each other in a conflict sensitive manner.
Published Oct 23, 2014. File size: 958.2 kB