This area includes all open Appeals and Rapid Response Fund payments.

Romania: Relief support to people affected by flooding in Southern & South Western Romania - RRF No. 12/2014

Rapid Response Fund Payment for US$ 47,473. ACT member AIDRom is aiming at alleviating the suffering of the affected people and mitigating the effects of flooding on the small rural communities through distribution of food parcels, mineral water, personal hygiene and clothing parcels.
Published Aug 15, 2014. File size: 656.2 kB

China: Response to Ludian Earthquake - CHN141

Appeal Target: US$ 681,473. ACT member Amity Foundation is planning to provide assistance to the affected families in the area with food, shelter, house rehabilitation, water and psychosocial support.
Published Aug 14, 2014. File size: 726.4 kB

Honduras: Mass deportation of migrant children - RRF No. 11/2014

Rapid Response Fund Payment for US$ 60,000. ACT Members in Honduras plan on responding to the forthcoming massive deportation of Honduran children, adolescents and their families from the United States, who will need humanitarian assistance.
Published Jul 30, 2014. File size: 7.4 MB

Iraq: Survival Assistance for Displaced Populations and their Host Communities in Northern Iraq - IRQ141

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 909,617. The dramatic events of recent weeks have seen the Al Qaida-related armed faction, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) take over large swaths of northern and western Iraq from central government control. The violence has spread rapidly with as many as half a million to date displaced following the recent and on-going conflict in Ninewa province and another half million displaced from Anbar province since January 2014. LWF is planning a 6-month intervention to secure clean and sufficient emergency water, food security and psycho-social services and CA is planning a 6-month intervention focused on provision of food, non-food items, health and hygiene kits and cash assistance.
Published Jul 29, 2014. File size: 1.3 MB

Occupied Palestinian Territory: Support to Gaza and the West Bank, REVISION 1 - PSE141

Appeal Target: US$ 1,421,391. On 7 July 2014, Israel launched Operation Protective Edge against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, following firing of rockets into Israel. This has resulted in an aggravated protection crisis in Gaza with serious and negative humanitarian consequences. To date, more than 650 Palestinians have been killed, and more than 4,200 were injured, in which 73 were children. Most of the victims are reported to be civilians. On the Israeli side 18 soldiers were killed and 2 civilians. In this revised appeal, the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees of the Middle East Council of Churches (DSPR/MECC) has adjusted its activities and is requesting funds to carry out projects in Gaza in terms of cash for work, livelihood, and health including psychosocial support. The activities in the West Bank will focus on livelihood and provision of potable water. NCA has decided to join this appeal as new ACT Requesting Member. NCA is requesting funds to support the Ahli Arab Hospital (AAH) of fuel, of medicines and medical supplies and provision of psychosocial support.
Published Jul 24, 2014. File size: 880.0 kB

Brazil: Floods in indigenous territories - RRF No. 10/2014

Rapid Response Fund Payment for US$ 59,972. ACT member Lutheran Foundation of Diaconia (FLD) is planning for the following assistance: to ensure 400 families have food security during 3 months, through the distribution of 800 rations of protein (meat) and corn meal (corn maize) in addition to what has been distributed via local efforts; To ensure nine communities have access to water with 9 wells; 30 families will have their roofs repaired; 200 mattresses will be provided; A boat will be provided to the affected communities to allow their mobility; To provide capacity building on Psychosocial Support; Develop an advocacy plan for the communities’ mobilization.
Published Jul 02, 2014. File size: 560.4 kB

Serbia & Bosnia and Herzegovina Floods – SRB141

Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been affected by a devastating cyclone, which has resulted in record flooding from heavy rains. Throughout the region dozens are confirmed dead, and many people are still missing. ACT members responding are: Philanthropy the Charitable Foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Church World Service (CWS), International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), and Hungarian InterChurch Aid (HIA). Assistance include distribution of food, home repairs, hygiene, water and livelihood support. Appeal Target: US$ 735,072. Balance Requested: US$ 451,633.
Published Jun 27, 2014. File size: 966.4 kB

Sri Lanka: Floods - RRF No. 09/2014

Rapid Response Fund Payment for US$ 58,061. ACT member the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka (NCCSL) is proposing assistance to: provide 2000 packets of cooked food, assist and provide 1400 families severely affected by flood with dry ration packs, empower and assist 100 families affected floods to recover a modicum of self-sufficiency in their day to day lives by providing 100 packs of essential household items, provide necessary facilities for 250 children/ students continue their education in schools by providing them with educational pack containing the most essential items, minimize their vulnerability and by providing assistance for small scale repairs to damaged houses, toilets and wells, build up community level capacity and awareness by conducting awareness programmes on climate change.
Published Jun 11, 2014. File size: 492.9 kB

Kenya: Response to South Sudanese refugees' arrivals into Kenya, REVISION 1 - KEN141

Appeal Target: US$ 2,123,291. ACT Kenya Forum members are assisting the newly arrived refugees to attain minimum standards of living including protection concerns especially for children, water and shelter once they reach Kakuma refugee camp.
Published May 23, 2014. File size: 1006.5 kB

Afghanistan: Floods & Landslides in the North, North-eastern & Western regions

Preliminary Appeal target: US$ 1,987,537. ACT members (Christian Aid, Church World Service A/P, Hungarian Inter-church Aid and Norwegian Church Aid) plan to restore normal life/livelihood through rehabilitation of irrigation systems, roads and damaged houses and provision of food and cash for work programmes; restore access to flood protected safe water and sanitation facilities; increase the resilience of the flood affected communities through DRR schemes.
Published May 16, 2014. File size: 1.3 MB