This area includes all open Appeals and Rapid Response Fund payments.

Serbia & Bosnia and Herzegovina Floods – SRB141

Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have been affected by a devastating cyclone, which has resulted in record flooding from heavy rains. Throughout the region dozens are confirmed dead, and many people are still missing. ACT members responding are: Philanthropy the Charitable Foundation of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Church World Service (CWS), International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC), and Hungarian InterChurch Aid (HIA). Assistance include distribution of food, home repairs, hygiene, water and livelihood support. Appeal Target: US$ 735,072. Balance Requested: US$ 451,633.
Published Jun 27, 2014. File size: 966.4 kB

Kenya: Response to South Sudanese refugees' arrivals into Kenya, REVISION 1 - KEN141

Appeal Target: US$ 2,123,291. ACT Kenya Forum members are assisting the newly arrived refugees to attain minimum standards of living including protection concerns especially for children, water and shelter once they reach Kakuma refugee camp.
Published May 23, 2014. File size: 1006.5 kB

Afghanistan: Floods & Landslides in the North, North-eastern & Western regions

Preliminary Appeal target: US$ 1,987,537. ACT members (Christian Aid, Church World Service A/P, Hungarian Inter-church Aid and Norwegian Church Aid) plan to restore normal life/livelihood through rehabilitation of irrigation systems, roads and damaged houses and provision of food and cash for work programmes; restore access to flood protected safe water and sanitation facilities; increase the resilience of the flood affected communities through DRR schemes.
Published May 16, 2014. File size: 1.3 MB

Colombia: Floods in Chocó - COL131

Appeal Target: US$ 332,843. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation, Colombia, is providing assistance to 21 rural ethnic minority communities affected by the floods for the recovery of food security and social fabric, and to strengthen their capacity in prevention and preparation to emergencies. This Full Appeal replaces the Preliminary Appeal issued on 16 December 2013, now removed from our site.
Published May 13, 2014. File size: 742.1 kB

Democratic Republic of Congo: Eastern DRC Conflict & Displacement - COD141

Appeal Target: US$ 792,811. The ACT forum in DRC is planning to provide assistance to vulnerable households affected by population movement by implementing the different project components including: food security, wash, nutrition, children’s social reinsertion in the community, psychosocial support to internally displaced people, returnees as well as host families. This full appeal replaces the Preliminary Appeal issued on 28 February 2014, now removed from our website.
Published Apr 28, 2014. File size: 766.6 kB

Central African Republic: Assistance to support and protect war affected vulnerable communities, REVISION 2 - CAF131

Appeal Target: US$ 4,745,657. The two requesting members in this appeal, The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and Finn Church Aid (FCA) are continuing carrying out humanitarian programmes in CAR despite the challenging environment. Detailed needs assessments and adjustments of programmes have led to this second revision of the appeal. The programmes of LWF and FCA will be implemented in Nana Mambéré, Ouham Pendé, and Bangui. Support will be provided in the sectors of food security and livelihoods, protection and peace building, WASH and shelter, local partner capacity building, and education. This Revision 2 replaces Revision 1 issued on 20 December 2013.
Published Mar 26, 2014. File size: 1.4 MB

Chad: Assistance to CAR and Sudanese refugees, and host communities inside Chad - TCD141

Appeal Target: US$ 899,696. ACT member LWF/DWS Chad is now involved in eleven refugee camps and host communities in different regions of the country. It operates from its N’Djamena office and field offices in Koukou, Farchana, Gaga, Hadjer Hadid, Goz Beida, Ab Gadam, Maro and Goré as well as a liaison staff in Abéché. LWF will provide support with: psycho-social, recovery of livelihoods, emergency shelter, NFIs and education.
Published Feb 13, 2014. File size: 1.1 MB

Ethiopia: Assistance to asylum seekers and refugees from South Sudan - ETH141

Appeal Target: US$ 3,513,871. ACT members LWF, IOCC and EOC DICAC are working in coordination to respond to the current crisis through this coordinated appeal ETH141. Assistance will be provided in water, hygiene and sanitation, psychosocial support, education. This Full Appeal replaces the Preliminary Appeal issued on 30 December 2013, now removed from our web site.
Published Feb 13, 2014. File size: 2.9 MB

South Sudan: Conflict Response - SSD141

Appeal Target: US$ 9,176,186. ACT members will provide assistance to help internally displaced persons and host communities in severely conflict affected areas in South Sudan to have access to essential life-saving items, reduce vulnerability and for them to realize safety and human dignity. Appeal activities are in the sectors of: food, non food items, WASH, Education, Child Protection, shelter, Psycho-social support, Early Recovery & Reintegration, Advocacy, Coordination, health. This Full Appeal replaces the Preliminary Appeal issued 6 January 2014. This Appeal is re posted on 25 February as a revised version from the one issued on 7 February, reflecting changes on the implementation period to one full year for all members and a few changes under communications and visibility, security and staff welfare.
Published Feb 07, 2014. File size: 1.9 MB

Uganda: Operation support for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda - UGA141

Appeal Target: US$ 967,634. ACT member LWF is present in Adjumani to offer humanitarian assistance to the refugees in the transit centre and in the settlements. In this light, the Uganda ACT forum members through the Lutheran World Federation are issuing this full appeal, which is replacing the Preliminary Appeal issued on 30 December 2013.
Published Feb 04, 2014. File size: 753.2 kB