This area includes all open Appeals and Rapid Response Fund payments.

Myanmar: Assistance to IDPs in Rakhine State - MYR131

Appeal Target: US$ 722,524. ACT member The Lutheran World Federation is planning to assist the IDPs with Emergency Education, Community Psychosocial support, Fire Safety and Disaster Response and Coordination. This replaces the Preliminary Appeal issued on 24th May.
Published Jun 12, 2013. File size: 947.1 kB

Uganda: Assistance to refugees arriving in Uganda from the Congo (DRC) - UGA132

Appeal Target: US$ 401,426. ACT forum members in Uganda will assist more than 40,000 needy refugees including those who are marginalized and those with special needs. The sectors of intervention will include livelihoods/environmental protection, SGBV/protection and other community services.
Published Jun 12, 2013. File size: 1.5 MB

Mali: Emergency support to conflict affected population - MLI131

Appeal Target: US$ 299,991. According to ACT Mali Forum needs assessment report, issues as education, protection, human rights (SGBV) needs are strongly highlighted. Therefore Food security, Education, Protection, Human rights, WASH, Reconciliation and peace building, Assistance to returnees, early recovery and resilience will be part of the emergency response. Requesting members in this appeal are Christian Aid, Diakonia Sweden, ICCO, LWR, NCA. This full appeal replaces the preliminary appeal issued on the 19th of March 2013.
Published May 31, 2013. File size: 1024.0 kB

Myanmar: Assistance to IDPs and other affected people in Rakhine State - MYR131

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 675,445. This appeal will address the acute relief and recovery needs of the IDPs through the components of Education, Psychosocial support, Fire safety and Relief Assistance. The appeal intends to cover 85,360 Muslim individuals.
Published May 24, 2013. File size: 861.7 kB

China: Sichuan Earthquake - CHN131

Appeal Target: US$ 1,818,803. ACT member The Amity Foundation plans to assist the most vulnerable, resource poor affected in the remote mountainous areas with food (rice and cooking oil) and non-food items (quilts and plastic sheeting) during the crisis phase. During the post crisis phase, Amity plans to assist the most vulnerable families in rebuilding quake-resistant homes, regaining livelihood activities, ensuring sustainable clean water supplies and psycho-social assistance in the form of community activities. This appeal replaces the Preliminary Appeal issued on 24 April 2013.
Published May 24, 2013. File size: 925.8 kB

Uganda: Flash floods in Kasese District - UGA131

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 220,497. The amount of USD 220,497 will be used to provide relief to 1’000 vulnerable households including: food and non-food items, support for early recovery and awareness for resilience.
Published May 13, 2013. File size: 1.1 MB

Kenya: Response to Drought - KEN111 Preliminary Appeal

The drought in Kenya has reached crisis level. Six ACT Alliance members in the country are requesting funds to provide assistance to people in the drought affected areas.
Published Jul 22, 2011. File size: 1.3 MB

Ethiopia: Drought Response - ETH111

Appeal Target: US$ 2,627,694. ACT Alliance members in Ethiopia will provide food and non food assistance to 63, 608 individuals in 5 districts of Ethiopia most affected by the ongoing drought. The three month response will complement the ongoing efforts by the government of Ethiopia through the Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector (DRMFSS), in collaboration with humanitarian partners (donors, NGOs, UN agencies).
Published Jul 14, 2011. File size: 1.0 MB

Indonesia: Mentawai map - Pagaiutara

Map of ACT Alliance response locations on Pagaiutara
Published Apr 08, 2011. File size: 619.5 kB

Indonesia: Mentawai map - Pagaiselatan

Map of ACT Alliance response locations in Pagaiselatan.
Published Apr 08, 2011. File size: 693.3 kB