This area includes all open Appeals and Rapid Response Fund payments.

Syria (including neighbouring countries Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey): ACT Alliance Syria Regional Humanitarian Response - SYR131

Appeal Target: US$ 19'954'916. ACT members in the region coordinate the humanitarian response as the ACT Jordan/Syria/Lebanon Forum (JSL). The five ACT requesting members in this appeal (IOCC, LWF, FCA, DSPR, DKH) are working in various sectors including health, food and NFI, shelter, education and others. Almost 500,000 people in Syria and neighbouring countries will benefit from the support to be provided by ACT Alliance members through this 12-months appeal.
Published Sep 02, 2013. File size: 2.1 MB

Angola: Assistance to Drought Affected rural families in Huila and Cunene Provinces - AGO131

Appeal Target: US$ 740,799. The ACT Angola forum is responding to the drought through this appeal targeting the rural drought affected populations in the two provinces of Huila and Cunene. Six rural villages were identified with support from the local administrative authorities. The overall goal of the response is to alleviate the suffering of the drought affected rural populations and to facilitate a livelihood restoration program. This Full Appeal replaces the Preliminary Appeal issued on 26 June 2013, now removed from the site.
Published Aug 06, 2013. File size: 1.3 MB

China: Response to Dingxi earthquake - CHN132

Preliminary Appeal Target: US$ 411,831. ACT member Amity Foundation will assist 1,000 of the most vulnerable and affected families to ensure they have access to basic daily items including beds and quilts; to rehabilitate 100 fully or severely damaged houses to meet basic housing needs of homeless people; to provide small agricultural or animal husbandry support to 100 severely affected families.
Published Aug 05, 2013. File size: 683.5 kB

Kenya: Response to Drought - KEN111 Preliminary Appeal

The drought in Kenya has reached crisis level. Six ACT Alliance members in the country are requesting funds to provide assistance to people in the drought affected areas.
Published Jul 22, 2011. File size: 1.3 MB

Ethiopia: Drought Response - ETH111

Appeal Target: US$ 2,627,694. ACT Alliance members in Ethiopia will provide food and non food assistance to 63, 608 individuals in 5 districts of Ethiopia most affected by the ongoing drought. The three month response will complement the ongoing efforts by the government of Ethiopia through the Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector (DRMFSS), in collaboration with humanitarian partners (donors, NGOs, UN agencies).
Published Jul 14, 2011. File size: 1.0 MB

Indonesia: Mentawai map - Pagaiutara

Map of ACT Alliance response locations on Pagaiutara
Published Apr 08, 2011. File size: 619.5 kB

Indonesia: Mentawai map - Pagaiselatan

Map of ACT Alliance response locations in Pagaiselatan.
Published Apr 08, 2011. File size: 693.3 kB

Uganda: Assistance to people affected by floods in Teso sub-region, North Eastern Uganda - No. 14/2010

Rapid Response Fund Request for US$ 60,000. ACT member Lutheran World Federation will provide assistance in water treatment, safe water storage cans, mobile toilets, tarpaulins for drying food, and soap.
Published Oct 14, 2010. File size: 111.1 kB

India: Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh Floods - IND094

Appeal target: US$1,510,692. This appeal (2009) was initially posted to the ACT International site - Re-posted to this new site as document has been Amended regarding the closure date. See the PDF document.
Published May 26, 2010. File size: 318.2 kB