Brazil: Novo Friburgo floods

Friday, January 28, 2011

  • 01-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_044.jpgNilcimar Fleiman has left her job to try to rebuild her life. Here she is digging with her hands to find missing personal items like clothes and photos.
  • 02-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_008.jpgSandra and Marcelo Fagundes used to live here with their five children.
  • 03-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_002.jpgCommunity nursery school in Santa Bernadete neighbourhood. Renato Magalhães helps to clean the mud which flooded the building.
  • 04-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_018.jpgMany neighbourhoods suffered from landslides which destroyed homes, killed more than 400 people and left more than 5000 people homeless.
  • 05-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_027.jpgA landslide swept through this neighbourhood of Nova Friburgo destroying everything in its path.
  • 06-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_034.jpgIn the poor Floresta neighbourhood dozens of houses were wiped out by landslides at night catching people while they were asleep.
  • 07-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_016.jpgLandslides swept through neighbourhoods destroying water mains, sewerage, roads and houses.
  • 08-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_036.jpgIn the Floresta neighbourhood few houses remained standing. The poorest neighbourhoods on the most precarious land were the most vulnerable and affected.
  • 09-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_001.jpgThe community nursery school in Santa Bernadete neighbourhood had all its equipment destroyed by the flood.
  • 10-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_007.jpgSeamstress Graziele Thedin and her daughter Andressa, 1. Graziele needs the nursery in order to earn some income. In the background are family belongings destroyed by the mud and water.
  • 11-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_020.jpgThere were a few lucky escapes.
  • 12-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_021.jpgSanto Antônio church, one of the most famous landmarks of the town, was partially destroyed by a landslide.
  • 13-BRA_GB_FLD_110128_floods_Nova_Friburgo_031.jpgThis apartment block in Nova Friburgo was torn apart by a landslide.

ACT Alliance has deployed a strong emergency relief team to support survivors of Brazil’s worst disaster in over 35 years. The official number of dead has passed 840, with more than 540 still missing, following heavy rains, severe landslides and floods. Relief workers indicate the total number of dead and missing could exceed 2000. The ACT forum in Brazil is preparing a full appeal.

ACT Alliance members and accredited press can click on this link to access the full collection of these images at high resolution in the ACT Media Library.

Click here for the technical resource document: Brazil: floods, mudslides and heavy rains, Alert No. 03/2011