Chile: survivors' camp

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

  • villabosquemar.jpgThis camp called Villa Bosque Mar houses many people who lost their houses in the tsunami near Penco, Chile.
  • rosalba.jpgRosalba Aldana, in front of her new emergency housing, explains that the whole community has been supported by the ACT response.
  • Lautaro.jpgDr. Lautaro López, director of EPES, working as part of the ACT response in Chile, attends a patient in a camp for tsunami survivors.
  • bano.jpgCollective toilets and open-air washrooms have been provided.
  • muchacho.jpgBoys in their new home on the camp called Villa Bosque Mar.
  • luis.jpgLuis Rivas builds his house on a camp for people who lost their houses in the tsunami.
  • victor.jpgVictor Aguilar, explains that ACT's help has been an enormous support to people in times of great need.

The Bosque Mar resettlement camp is home to 50 families who once lived along the shore and depended on the sea. The men on the camp are mainly fishermen and the women live from collecting seaweed called pelillo.

Families are now living in one-room government-issued shelters with communal latrines and cold-water showers.

This gallery of images by Sean Hawkey shows how ACT members and their partners work with the community on health and psychosocial projects as well as practical support for furniture and food production.