Cancun: Climate talks deliver a result

Monday, December 13, 2010

Cancun has ended in agreement - an agreement which goes beyond the Copenhagen Accord, last year's political declaration on climate change. It is a great step for multilateralism that there is agreement.

However, there are also several concerns. Firstly, we did not get a new commitment period for the existing climate change agreement, the Kyoto Protocol. Negotiations will have to continue.

Secondly, ambitions for emission reductions are far from good enough. The so-called 'gigaton gap' - the gap between existing pledges and the need for the reduction that science has identified, is big. The agreement does not outline how the gap should be closed.

Thirdly, the new fund being established is empty. There are no decisions on how any money is going to be mobilized. Fourth, many of the difficult issues have not been dealt with but simply postponed for further negotiations next year.

The Cancun agreement is not the goal but is an important and big step toward the next climate change summit in South Africa next year.