DRC: Relief for fire-ravaged villages

Monday, September 06, 2010

ACT has rushed US $30,000 to survivors of wildfires in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Two villages near Nyunzu, in Katanga Province, caught fire last month, burning houses. Residents lost everything.

Nearly all 41 households in one village were burned to the ground. In total, 176 people are affected. Nearly 70 are children under five and 12 are pregnant women. An estimated 5.5 tonnes of corn, half a tonne of peanuts, and 1.5 tonnes of cassava have been ruined.

People’s assets and household equipment were completely destroyed. Many people have spent nights outside lying on the cold ground.

ACT members Evangelical Lutheran Church in Congo and DanChurchAid are providing residents with relief materials. ACT will support 176 survivors by providing corn flour, beans, oil and salt over the next three months, giving people time to catch up on lost farming. Women will be given priority in the distribution as they carry out most household chores.

Other items to be distributed include tarpaulins, mosquito nets, bed mats, blankets, kitchen utensils, clothes, blankets and bed sheets.