Flood-affected people training to reduce disaster risk

May 09, 2012

ACT member Church World Service (CWS-P/A) in collaboration with SEEDS Asia has launched the first mobile knowledge resource centre (MKRC) intervention in Pakistan. Children, women and men were involved in the exercise, with lessons being learnt from folk wisdom. This article is from the website of The International News in Pakistan.

People felt that the training, which began at 6am, could have a life-saving impact on them. Initially brainstorming sessions were held with the locals. “Our 3 belas (forests) have already been destroyed by heavy rain and flooding,” said Imtiaz Memon, another participant at the study.

He shared there was no early warning system in his village. “Cell phones do not work in our villages,” quipped Khalid Hussain, also present there. “Sometimes telephones do not work in the district headquarter either,” he said.

Memon said training helped him and his family a lot. After the training, Memon was able to raise the plinth of his small house from the stagnant flood water. He said he was taught to keep fodder away from the kitchen so as to avoid fire incidents, and stressed the need for radio sets to community members so they may be able to know beforehand about cyclones, flooding etc.

Through the training sessions, participants have received emergency bags containing radios, flashlights, documents folders and booklets.

Around 9,000 people lost their precious lives in Thatta when a cyclone devastated the area in 1999. “Flooding in 2010 damaged paddy crop and we were totally cut off due to poor communication system,” he added.

This article originally appeared at Church World Service (CWS).

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