Gaza: food and medicine on way

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

456-EmergencyGaza020.jpgThree truck loads of food, medicine and blankets from ACT International passed the border of Gaza Tuesday evening. The ACT coordinator in Gaza, Liv Steinmoeggen confirms that the trucks were unloaded at the Kerem Shalom checkpoint, and will be transported to the Al-Ahli Hospital, run by the members of the ACT network. The truckloads will be delivered tomorrow during the three hour "ceasefire". The hospital is about to run out of fuel and medicines. Al-Ahli is one of the few hospitals that still can operate in Gaza City.

UN transport for all
From tomorrow, UN will be streamlining all aid delivery in the Gaza Strip. All supplies and equipments will be handled in a centralized system whereby all truck transport into Gaza will be monitored and managed by UN Log with distribution by UN vehicles. The UN will establish two depots for transportation/warehousing of supplies entering the strip and a UN logistical distributing system.

All water pipes broken
Concerning the water situation in Gaza, the Palestinian Water Authority reports that all the pipes that are responsible for bringing out water from the cisterns are broken. The water pumps that connect the water to households are not operating and accordingly there is a shortage of water. For those who do have supply, the water that reaches their homes is not filtered due to lack of electricity and there is fear of a breakout of diseases in epidemic proportions.

Ambulances attacked
Movement remains to be severely restricted with reports of ambulances still being attacked even during the hours of "ceasefire". The situation is also critical for the medical supply. A clinic, destroyed in Gaza on Saturday, was storing six-week's worth of nutritional supplements, medications and infant and children supplies. All was destroyed, together with furniture, medical equipments, an ultrasound machine and computers, containing the files and history of the patients. Nothing is left.