Japan: ecumenical assistance

Thursday, March 24, 2011

  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_00.jpgTakeshi Komino working with ACT member CWS in Japan shares images of the situation and work around Ishinomaki.
  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_01.jpgSnow on road in Miyagi
  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_03.jpgVolunteers planning for activity
  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_04.jpgA fishing vessel washed ashore Ishinomaki
  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_05.jpgFamily keepsakes and photos sit in the rubble
  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_08.jpgSoldiers and volunteers take meals cooked in a school gym.
  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_10.jpgVehicles are still in precarious piles in Ishinomaki
  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_11.jpgPeople search improvised noticeboards for news of friends and family.
  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_13.jpgVolunteers serve hot meals for people affected by the disasters
  • JP_2011-03-26_Takeshi_Komino_14.jpgLarge areas of Ishinomaki were flattened

In the immediate aftermath of the disasters in Japan the situation remains chaotic and confusing as the extent of the loss and damage is so vast. Despite this ACT members and other ecumenical actors are already supporting actions to support people affected by the multiple disasters in Japan.

ACT is coordinating with its members working in the country and has offered to send a team of emergency specialists should the churches in Japan request it.

Lutheran groups have formed a joint emergency response team incorporating the Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church, Kinki Evangelical Lutheran Church, Japan Lutheran Church and the West Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church. The team will include office and field personnel and will coordinate closely with the National Council of Churches in Japan, NCCJ. Currently the groups are supporting through two partner organisations: Plan Japan and Shaplaneer.

The Lutheran World Federation, LWF, are collecting money in support of this work.

Church World Service, CWS, is providing emergency relief to some 25,000 people now living at 100 evacuation sites in northeastern Japan. They are focusing on areas where basic needs of food, water, sanitation, electricity and fuel are not being met and are working with a coalition of 32 Japanese agencies who know best where resources are needed.

The CWS emergency appeal is here:

WCC member churches are coordinating information, these include the Anglican Church of Japan, United Church of Christ in Japan, and Korean Christian Church in Japan and the NCCJ.


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