Kyrgyzstan, photo essay

Monday, July 26, 2010

  • Kyrgyzstan 1Old lady in an Uzbek mahallah in Osh. People in southern Kyrgyzstan are traumatised by the escalation of violence they witnessed.
  • Kyrgyzstan 2Old lady in an Uzbek mahallah in Osh.
  • Kyrgyzstan, woman in streetUzbek women block the street near Suzak demanding the release of relatives who were jailed in connection with the unrest. Their men and sons are afraid to leave the houses for work.
  • Kyrgyzstan injured childrenChildren rehabilitation centre in Bazar-Korgon (Jalalabad district).
  • Kyrgyzstan, burned houseTimur, Kyrgyz, in front of his destroyed house. He worked four years in Russia to pay for it. One month he lived with his wife in this house. Now, they live in a camp.
  • Kyrgyzstan, sewing machineWomen are repairing clothes in a small workshop of Mehr Shavkat, ACT Alliance partner organisation in Aravan near Osh.
  • Kyrgyzstan, burned Uzbek houseA burned down house in an Uzbek mahallah in Osh.
  • Kyrgyzstan, Uzbek refugee campChildren in an Uzbek refugee camp. The camp was set up by the International Red Cross in Osh. ACT Alliance is distributing humanitarian aid in this camp.
  • Kyrgyzstan boy Young boy in a Kyrgyz camp near Osh.
  • Kyrgyzstan girlYoung girl in an Uzbek camp in Osh.
  • Kyrgyzstan, SOSScene in an Uzbek mahallah in Osh. Many SOS signs were painted on the walls by people desperate for help.
  • Kyrgyzstan, boy in ruinsBoy on ruins in his Uzbek mahallah in Osh.
  • Kyrgyzstan, girl in ruinsMoving back. Young girl camping with her family in the ruins of her house in an Uzbek mahallah in Osh.
  • Kyrgyzstan, lady waitingWaiting for help. Old lady in Uzbek mahallah in Osh.
  • Kyrgyzstan, man in mosqueTrying to understand. Old man in a mosque in Osh. "They asked me for permission to search for hidden dead in the mosque - can you imagine? Hiding dead in a mosque? At such a heat?!"
  • Kyrgyzstan, food distributionMan at a food distribution point in a destroyed Uzbek mahallah in Osh. "People from the countryside are bringing food. We don't know them personally. They don't say much. They just bring it and leave."
  • Kyrgyzstan, destroyed houseDestroyed home in Uzbek mahallah in Osh. More then 2,000 houses were destroyed in Osh and Jalalabad. People are waiting for help to reconstruct at least one room before winter arrives.
  • Kyrgyzstan, man in mosque"I am thinking day and night, but my thoughts won't settle on this question: How will Uzbek and Kyrgyz be able to live on together?"

Joining the second ACT Alliance assessment team, photographer Dimitry Motinov spent several days in Osh and Jalalabad speaking to victims of the recent violence and documenting the places where ACT is currently working in Kyrgyzstan.

The full assessment report is available here.

Hi-res images are available to ACT communicators on the ACT Alliance ResourceSpace.