Netherlands: lenten campaign sheds light on poverty

Monday, March 08, 2010

During the six weeks before Easter, these congregations reflect on the suffering of Jesus and the suffering of the world. Kerk in Actie connects the stories of the Bible with the work it supports.

During six weeks, six different projects from the broad work of ICCO and Kerk in Actie are presented in the Dutch churches and connected with their belief in God. Usually these are two Dutch diaconal projects, one mission project abroad and three world service projects abroad.

Kerk in Actie offers the congregations a lot of materials to use during the services or afterwards. It informs the general public in the Netherlands about the work it is doing as a church by running a public campaign in the Dutch media.

In one of the Lenten campaigns, the subject was “Choose for your fellow man”. During elections, people could ‘vote’ on a special voting list from Kerk in Actie. Common people and famous politicians were asked to vote for 40 subjects on supporting the world in a way God has meant it to be.

It connected, for example, the global trade and the economic development with the situation of small farmers in Latin America.