Pakistan: floods in Swat

Thursday, August 12, 2010

  • Monsoon floods in SwatApproximately 200 people from the union councils of Bishigram and Chail meet in the hope of receiving promised relief items. Delivery of relief is hampered by transport difficulties.
  • Monsoon floods in Swat-01Many parts of Swat remain inaccessible by road. The only way to by-pass the broken roads and bridges is to walk through mountainous paths as the people shown in this photograph are doing.
  • Monsoon floods in Swat 02In this area there are approximately 100 houses whose inhabitants remain stranded by the floods, all roads and bridges have been destroyed.
  • Monsoon floods in SwatThe home which is now in the middle of the river belongs to a 105 year old woman known as "Abbay." She refused to leave her home but was ultimately rescued on August 5.
  • Monsoon floods in Swat. Irfan Ullah.Irfan Ullah and 27 relatives, including 13 women and 5 children, had traveled from Madyan to Jaray trying to get back to their home in Peshawar.
  • Monsoon floods in SwatKhanzadga, age 65, stranded by the floods in Jaray Village, Fatehpur Union Council, Swat.
  • Monsoon floods in Swat. House in Migram village.This home in Migram Village belongs to a family in Peshawar. The flooding of Swat River divided the house in half. Madyan Union Council, Swat.
  • Monsoon floods in Swat. Rahim Gul.Rahim Gul had walked for nearly a day with his sick child on his back as he and his family moved down the mountains. Rahim says that he has no clear idea of where to go or what to do.

These photos were taken in one of the worst-affected areas of Swat where ACT member CWS is working. The journey is possible by vehicle in only some locations while for other segments it is necessary to travel by foot. The images show some of the key areas where ACT members are working.