Tanzania: building wells goes deeper than expected

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Access to clean, safe water is a major issue for many communities in northern Tanzania. Presbyterian World Service and Development partner, the Africa Inland Church of Tanzania, is making clean water available and teaching improved hygienic practices.

Villagers in Nyida desperately needed clean water when AICT approached them. Many women and children from Nyida were walking over 5km each way to get water from an unprotected source.

Technicians installed a clean water well following geological research and analysis. The villagers formed a water user group to oversee and manage the well, ensuring it would be properly taken care of.

Beyond providing clean water and improving the health of the community, the new well means people no longer have to travel long distances to access water.

Instead, families can focus on other activities, such as farming, sewing, pottery, cooking and planting vegetables. Children are now able to get to school on time.

Motivated and encouraged by their success, community members at Nyida have planted a garden around their well. Working together as a group, they sell the fruit and vegetables, and save the profits for times of need.