United States of America: global relief begins at home

Monday, March 08, 2010

All over the United States, Lutheran World Relief’s quilt and kit ministry is providing a unique way for young adults to get involved with serving global neighbours.

Cisco Depew of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Auburn, California, exemplifies faith put into action through his collection of health kits and donations to the Project Comfort Fund for LWR.

To become an Eagle Scout, Cisco needed to complete 100 hours of service for a non-profit organization. His grandmother suggested that he make health kits for Lutheran World Relief.

Cisco was excited about his grandmother’s idea and soon began educating three nearby congregations about his project by placing information in their bulletins and newsletters and talking with people during coffee hour.

After raising enough money for items to fill 250 LWR health kits, Cisco organized events at each church to assemble the kits. More than a dozen people showed up at each event.

“I was pleased with such a great turnout, especially on a Saturday,” says Cisco. Once all kits were assembled, they were boxed up and driven to the LWR Ingathering in Morgan Hill, California. Volunteers organize LWR In gatherings all over the country, to collect quilts and kits for collective transport to one of two LWR warehouses. From there, LWR sends the items to people in need around the world.

As needs around the world grow, Lutheran World Relief relies on the individuals and groups around the country that put their hearts and hands into quilting and kit-making for LWR.

“The demand is great for all the items we collect,” says Trevor Knoblich, LWR’s Program Associate for Emergency Response, “and in particular there is a need for health kits so we thank Cisco for his generous contribution to this specific need.”

Cisco also raised $1500 for LWR’s Project Comfort Fund to help defray the cost of shipping the health kits overseas.

Financial support for LWR’s Project Comfort Fund enables LWR to respond to the growing need for quilts and kits by offsetting costs associated with processing, shipping and distributing these items.

“In addition to coordinating the creation of 250 health kits for people who need hygiene supplies, Cisco is helping them get into the hands of those in need through his significant financial contribution to the Project Comfort Fund,” says Brenda Meier, LWR’s Director for Congregation and Community Engagement.

After completing 100 hours of community service assembling LWR health kits and fundraising, Cisco achieved Eagle Scout status.

Cisco Depew found a creative way to be a leader in his church and community by putting his faith into action through LWR. The health kits he gathered will radiate love around the world as they are distributed to refugees and people living in chronic poverty